Hothead Games, an independent video game developer and publisher based in Vancouver, is best known for the mobile sniper-simulator “Kill Shot”. The story didn't end there when this developed even get more success with its free-to-play “Hero Hunters” on iOS worldwide.  “Hero Hunters" is a team-based RPG shooting game which features an amazing list of characters and satisfying third-person cover shooter. It offered an enjoyable experience despite its somewhat monotonous monetization system. Now, following the success of “Kill Shot" and “Hero Hunters", Hothead Games is back with another hero-based action RPG, “Forged Fantasy". Check out the two trailers below to see how cool this game is! 

More details about "Forged Fantasy"

Forged Fantasy, the same as Hero Hunters, will come with a wide range of unique heroes and new characters unlocked as the player progress through the main story. All of the action in Forged Fantasy takes place in third-person and like any hero-based game, there are plenty of characters to collect. These range from melee-centric soldiers to ranged battle mages, and plenty of other classes with unique abilities. Once you’ve selected your team of heroes, you can take them into real-time PvP battles, raids, daily events, and other co-op activities with friends or in an “Alliance” clan.

With new Heroes being released every update, a few of those available at launch including Ram - a steadfast soldier who protects himself and his allies with shields, Bern - a skilled bowman capable of unleashing deadly attacks from afar, Barrage - a zealous mage who wields powerful magics to deal consistent damage, and a couple more.

“Forged Fantasy" has just been launched on 17 January 2019. This game is now available worldwide on AppStore and Google Play. Click on the link below to download and play this game for free!

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