We are having the longest holiday ever due to the complicated situation of Coronavirus. A lot of games and events have been delayed or canceled with fear of the disease spreading, so it's highly recommended that you stay safe at home playing games with your mobile devices to protect yourself and other people.

And to help you kill your free time at home, here are the best new mobile games that came out in the last week. Gurugamer has chosen the best five of them out of dozens of games that came released for mobile in the last seven days, and this is the safest way to protect yourself from the Coronavirus while still staying entertained with our games.

So without further ado, let's get started with the first one right away:

1. Seven Scrolls

Genre: Puzzle-solving

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

Although the developer identifies Seven Scrolls as a puzzle game, it looks more like a frantic turn-based action game that includes a lot of blastings. Its concept is very simple: you'll take control of a monk, trying to collect all the scrolls while using your deadly psychological power to blast the monsters.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Seven Scrolls 1

You are only able to move in four directions, but the special thing about this game is, indeed, the scrolls. To be more specific, there are seven scrolls in the game, and each one will give you a special ability which is only revealed once you achieve it. They could be good or bad and will affect either you or your enemies, including going through walls, exploding enemies, etc. And if you've forgotten which do what, you can always check with the spells table.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Seven Scrolls 2
Each scroll will have different impacts on you or your enemies

Furthermore, the effects of the scrolls are combined differently based on the combination that you're carrying, which makes the almost endless potential for each walkthrough. However, you don't need to wait for a combination to use the effects of the scrolls. This will open a lot of plays, which you won't recognize spending hours learning each scroll does and how they perform together.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Seven Scrolls 7
Just click on the scrolls on the top, and the game will show you what it does

Overall, Seven Scrolls is a non-stressful mobile game to enjoy with your phone while sitting on the bench, which will be very likely to take hours of your time and still leave you craving for further exploration.

2. Path to Mnemosyne

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

If you need something less chilling and more creepy than the previous one, Path to Mnemosyne is going to be your best bet. The game was previously released for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and now, the developer DevilishGames has brought the endless cryptic hallway to your mobile devices.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Path To Mnemosy
Path to Mnemosyne has gained some success with its release for PC/Consoles

Its concept is still the same: you'll control an unnamed girl, walking on the endless corridor full of eerie stuff that was branded 'a journey to remember'. The game requires you to continue walking through the corridor while solving interactive hypnotic puzzles while feeling the cold breath on your back.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Path To Mnemosy
The visuals of this game are very grizzly and eerie

The puzzles in this game are nothing like what you usually see, but they are the results of obsessing imagination that will slowly drive you into madness. Just imagine walking with the huge eyes starring at you from the back, or the tentacles that might strike at any time.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Path To Mnemosy
The game is made of human's weirdest and scariest nightmares

Open your mind - that's what the strange voice tells you in order to reclaim your lost memories, but don't open it to broadly. That's only the beginning of what you'll encounter in this game, and expect to lose some night with the nightmares that Path to Mnemosyne gives you.

3. Bullet League

Genre: Shooter, Battle Royale, Multiplayer

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

If the eerie vibes of Path to Mnemosyne caused you fears that you don't want to play mobile games alone anymore, Bullet League is where you can have fun with your friends. In short, Bullet League is a 2D battle royale shooter with a modern vivid design that puts a total of 32 players together fighting to be the last one standing.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Bullet League 2
Bullet League is a vivid 2D battle royale game

You might wonder how could a battle royale game works in 2D, especially with its titular shrinking play zone mechanics. Well, Bullet League has answered loudly, as the entire map - the Doom Island will shrink horizontally over time, and you'll soon meet your opponents.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Bullet League 3
The map will constantly shrink, forcing you to move on

And since there are only 32 Bulleteers, the round will be very quick (around 3 minutes for each round) and action will take place everywhere, so keep your eyes sharp. And the main source of the fun comes with the guns, which the developer primed having powerful recoil that will shoot you to the sky with a rocket, destructible building to get out of some sticky situations, and you can also upgrade your weapons as well as unlock new characters through grinding.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Bullet League 4
You can upgrade your weapons through grinding

The multiplayer modes are quite diverse, including solo, squads and a custom mode 'Friend Brawl' to share the entertaining experience with your friends. But if you're into enjoying the game without meeting any random people online, there is also a competitive bot system. The swipe control is quite responsive even for the low-end smartphones as well, so you can feel ease to run the game any place any time with your mobile devices.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Bullet League 1
The game supports both PvP and PvE

4. Hidden Through Time

Genre: Puzzle, Maker

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

You want less action, more creativity? Hidden Through Time is the game that you can enjoy both as the players and the creators, as it provides some unique experiences of creating a custom map on your mobile phones. Hidden Through Time is the true form of 'Where's Waldo' in a video game, in which you'll not shout to the TV, but using your finger to find the objects yourself.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Hidden Through
Find all the objects on the list to get through a new level

To be more specific, the game will put you in a small cartoon landscape with simple but quirky animated visuals. You will be given a list of items/people, and your job is to find all of them in the constantly moving landscape in order to get to the next round. If you have some difficulty locating them, the game will give you some hint at the object by tapping on it on the list.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Hidden Through
Tapping on the object will give you a hint on where it is

However, not every time the objects you are looking for are visible right away. Instead, it might hide in some interactive environments like box, door, bushes or train, which requires you to tapping on to reveal them. The first several levels are easy for you to catch up with, but it will become much harder over time, and you'll have your eyes burnt while looking for them.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Hidden Through
The objects might be hidden inside the buildings

And as I've mentioned, Hidden Through Times provides players with a strong creator tool. The feature-rich map editor is very easy to get used to, but still brought many potentials. You can decide where to hide each object on the map, and also planning how an object will move with some simple drag-and-drop.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Hidden Through
Features a powerful maker tool for you to create your own landscapes

After you've created your masterpiece, you can upload it on the public server for other players to experience. At the same time, you can play and rate other levels from other creators, and who knows might be your map will become an official one in the future!

5. Harvest Moon: Mad Dash

Genre: Puzzle, Slice of Life

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

Saving the best for the last, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is the best mobile game that you can grind this week. Instead of following the successful path of the Harvest Moon series by going slow daily simulation experience on the farm, Mad Dash has taken a brand new approach.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Harvest Moon Ma
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is a brand new take in the series

Mad Dash is kind of a puzzle game, where you will have to actively move your crops to its matching soil in order for it to grow. The bigger the area is, the bigger your crops are, which will give much more value to fulfill your objectives. Hence, you won't have to wait and check for every hour to take care of your farm anymore! Just get in, have a short play and then get out without any problems.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Harvest Moon Ma
Pick up the crops and put them together to form a larger soil!

Of course, you'll need more challenges to make your experience more interesting, and the wild rampant bulls are exactly what you'll get in Harvest Moon: Mad Dash. In detail, there will be some random events including natural disasters like lava or wild animals crossing your fields. To deal with it, you'll have to quickly grab your growing crops and move it to the safe area if you want your crops to stay safe.

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Harvest Moon Ma
Protect your crops from the devastating threats

Overall, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is different than any other Harvest Moon you've tried previously, which is perfect for the puzzle and farming simulator lovers!

5 Best New Mobile Games March 8 15 Harvest Moon Ma
You can buy some power-ups as well!


That's the end for Gurugamer's list on the 5 best new mobile games that came out from March 8 to March 15. Again, don't underestimate the danger of Coronavirus, and stay safe in your house while enjoying our recommended games.

Have fun!