Garena Free Fire has established itself as one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the mobile platform. In 2020, the title was downloaded more than 226 million times, making it the year's number one game by downloads. However, the incredible success of Free Fire is not totally unexpected. Constant updates and major collaborations keep the virtual battlegrounds fresh and engaging.

Operation Chrono
Chrono has taken over Garena Free Fire

The recently concluded Operation Chrono added a new character with the same name. He's inspired by the Portuguese football superstar - Cristiano Ronaldo. And quite frankly, this powerful character is breaking Free Fire with his Time-Turner ability. Here are 5 reasons why Chrono is too OP!

#1 Insane Damage Block

Chrono's active ability - Time-Turner can block 600 damage from the opponents standing outside the force field. Plus, you and your allies can still fireback from within the dome. That gains you a massive advantage in any situation. You and your team can even comfortably take open spots on the map, set up the force field, and just pick up easy frags.

#2 Instant Cover

Create a shelter for you and your allies at your disposal. Cover everyone from incoming fire, re-compose, and fight back!

Time Turner
Time Turner Ability

#3 Movement Speed Buff

The force field that Chrono creates also boosts the movement speed of him and his allies. Use this buff to smartly re-position or rush the enemies.

#4 Rusher Favorite

Chrono is currently a top pick for aggressive players. He provides the ability to rush directly at the opponent without any hesitation. Time-Turner's force field offers instant protection and enhances movement speed. Plus, the enemies can not inflict any damage on you before taking down the force field. You have plenty of time to retaliate from within the dome.

Chrono Time Turner
Chrono is super versatile

#5 Great Support

Chrono is also super versatile. He can provide great support for the whole team with the Time-Turner force field. Besides using it for rushing, you can also set up protection to revive teammates. He and his teammates can also heal within the dome during gunfights.

Cosmic Rider Game Mode Cover
Dominate the battlefield