There are a lot of free-to-play multiplayer online games, however, they are usually sitting ducks if you do not have constant connections. In this list, we would provide you with some of the best titles that can fulfill both roles and resolve that problem.

6 – Badland (iOS and Android)

Brave through a strange world filled with weird wonders

Badland is an exciting platformer that you can either play with your friends on the same device or online with three other guys. About the gameplay, it is just the usual action-adventure shenanigans, in which you would have to survive while navigating across the map, dodging deadly traps and avoiding various obstacles that would hinder your progress.

Good platformers on mobile are few and far between, however, Badland managed to hit the exact spot. Currently, there are twenty-three levels available on multiplayer and over 100 on single and coop modes. The game is free on Android but has a price tag of $1 on iOS.

5 – Chess by Optime Software/AI Factory (iOS and Android)

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Chess is one of the classic game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere

Chess is one of the classics that you can always turn to in order to have some tactical gameplays without having to learn the ropes first. While there are a lot of chess apps out there, most of them are filled with ads. In our opinion, the best Chess app currently is this. With this free game, you can either play online or against extremely hard bots.

4 – BombSquad (Android)

Screen 0
Throwing bombs at each other while dodging

BombSquad has been one of the most popular Android multiplayer titles for quite a while, however, it is nowhere near an iOS release yet. This is a package that contains multiple games: you can either play capture the flag, hockey, onslaught or many other different modes.

The gameplay for this free title is rather simple – you have to throw bombs at your enemies while planning your later moves. Besides online play, there is a local mode that can fit a maximum of 8 players on the same device – a coop mode is available as well.

3 – The Escapist 2: Pocket Breakout (Android and iOS)

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Find a way to escape the prison

With a price tag of seven dollars, The Escapists 2 is somewhat a premium title, however, if you can spare that much money for the game, you would be able to enjoy one of the best multiplayer Puzzle titles on the market at the moment. Along with your friends, you would have to strategically create a plan to escape the prison levels.

The gameplay has a lot of depth, as you would be able to steal keys, beat up guards, craft items, and a lot more.

2 – Crossy Road (Android and iOS)

Screenshot Banner 02
This game is almost like a rhythm title

Crossy Road, a free title with its simple gameplay, has been pretty popular for quite a while now. The objective in-game is pretty simple: you need to cross the road with your character while gathering as many coins as possible while avoiding dangers. With the coins collected, you can unlock various new characters.

Crossy Road’s simplicity is probably a big part of its popularity – everyone would be able to play this game immediately without having to learn complicated processes.

1 – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Android and iOS)

9 Freeplay 1280x720
Various parts of the game are fully customizable

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a premium game with a ten dollars price tag – and the best game in this list. The way the game is supposed to be played is rather unique, as you would have to defuse a bomb based on someone else’s instructions. If you failed to solve the various puzzles that are on the bomb in time, it would explode and deliver a game over.

The complexity of the game also increases rather fast as well, with numerous new puzzles introduced every few rounds. From simple tasks like cutting wires to wordplay, there would be puzzles related to Simon Says, Mazes, and even Morse Code.

The multiplayer works the same way, with you being able to compose whatever teams you see fit. Overall, while having a steep price tag, this game is still definitely worth playing.

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