The past week has been a relatively quiet one for the Android platform without any high-profile releases. Thankfully, there are still several new games for you to check out this upcoming festive season. Let’s check them out:

Witch Spring 4

Witchspring4 4 912b_wm

Witch Spring 4 is the fourth installment in the chibi-themed RPG series Witch Spring, and it just hit Google Play this past week. The game puts you in the role of Queen Moccamori of the kingdom of Ürphean. Your main task here is to embark on adventures to collect resources and gradually expand your territory.

Knights of Ages

Knights Of Ages E5e7_wm

Knights of Ages is an intriguing new strategy game with a medieval theme in which you’ll build your own army in order to establish your influence over the kingdom. Interestingly, the game also features an inheritance system that allows you to have children and pass down your bloodline.

Forgotton Anne

Originally released on Steam in May last year, the adventure/puzzle game Forgotton Anne was highly praised for its pleasing aesthetic that bears a striking resemblance to animated movies from Studio Ghibli. The game was ported to iOS last June and now it is finally available for Android.

Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream Soccer Ed37_wm

Dream League Soccer 2020 is the latest version of the acclaimed mobile football game from developer First Touch Games. Unlike the previous versions which usually come in the form of in-game updates, this new one is a brand new standalone release this week. This is probably due to the massive number of changes that it brings to the table. The game is practically a complete revamp with new visuals, motion-captured animations, and more.

Bad Run Turbo Edition (Early Access)

Bad Run Turbo Edition is a 2D roguelike platformer where you’ll run through a ton of procedurally generated levels, avoiding traps and collecting coins in the process. The game promises to offer plenty of challenges to hardcore platforming fans.