Knights of Ages is a compelling strategy game with a medieval theme where you – as the destined hero – set out to restore peace to a war-torn kingdom. The game is an offering from developer Less Mainstream Games, and it's now available for Early Access on Android. Check out its trailer below:

From the look of things, it seems there’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into here. You'll begin by choosing a class from nearly 20 available options before delving into the extensive management systems and broad weapon/armor crafting. You'll have an army that you can deploy into battles to establish your influence over the kingdom.

The actual combat is turn-based and will reportedly be a strategically-demanding affair. You’ll be commanding your units to carry out different actions, replacing them with other types to adapt to the situation, and so on.  It appears diplomacy will play a factor here as well, allowing you to resolve conflicts by peaceful means and build alliances.

Knights Of Ages Combat 0000_wm
Participate in turn-based combat and establish your influence over the kingdom

Every decision you make will directly affect the morale of your people, so it's vital to think about what kind of leader you want to become and plan your actions accordingly. If you can maintain a high morale level, your subordinates will gain some nice buffs. Vice versa, low morale will result in adverse outcomes.

Another interesting aspect worth mentioning is the marriage and lineage system. You'll be able to have children to continue your bloodline, who will inherit your kingdom after you’re gone.

Knights Of Ages E5e7_wm
Make decisions and have children to continue your bloodline

An early access version of Knights of Ages is currently available on Google Play. While we haven’t had time to take it out on a spin yet, it definitely seems like a promising strategy title with lots of cool management elements involved. For more information on the game, visit its official Facebook page.