The critically acclaimed adventure game Forgotton Anne has now made its way to the Android platform following its iOS release last June. Similar to the iOS version, this Android port will allow you to try out the game first to see if you like it before asking you to pay to unlock the full version.

In case you missed our previous coverage and find the name Forgotton Anne unfamiliar, it is an adventure game set in a mythical realm called The Forgotten Lands, where objects lost or discarded in the real world – old toys, socks, and so on – end up. Here, they gain sentience and become known as Forgotlings.

You'll control Anne, an enforcer of this realm whose task is to maintain order. A rebellion has now broken out, threatening Anne’s chance of finding a way back to the human world. As a result, she now sets out to put an end to this sudden uprising.

Forgotton Anne Ios Switch Gameplay 3 Faba_wm
Help Anne put an end to the sudden uprising

As you can see, the game is very narrative-driven, with the main challenge on your adventure being to solve various puzzles to harness Anima – a type of energy used to command the Forgotlings. Beyond that, however, you'll also get to make several dialogue choices that will have an impact on the story.

Visually speaking, Forgotton Anne looks like it comes straight out of Studio Ghibli. That lovely art style is complemented by a sublime soundtrack, all off which combined result in a fantastic experience that has been highly praised by both critics and players alike.

Forgotton Anne Android 4b70_wm
You might mistake this for a Studio Ghibli anime at first glance

With this release on Google Play, Forgotton Anne is now available for both Android and iOS. Both versions are free to try, and if you find yourself enjoying what the game has to offer, you can spend £9.99 (Rs 930) on a one-time IAP to unlock the full experience.