The absolutely stunning adventure game The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature from Arte Experience has finally made its way over to the iOS platform following its Steam release late last month. We have covered this one on multiple occasions in the past, but in case you missed it, this is basically a new take on the classic novel Frankenstein by author Mary Sheiley. Check out the game’s trailer below:

In The Wanderer, you won't be playing as the monster with bolts in the neck that people often dress up as in Halloween. Instead, you'll follow the creature from when it’s still a blank slate, neither good nor evil.

As you follow the creature on its journey across Europe to discover its true origin, you'll meet many frightened villagers, and how you choose to react to their actions – whether with sadness, anger, or fear of your own – will eventually determine what the creature becomes. Moreover, not only do these choices have an impact on the creature, but they will also affect how the world around you looks and sounds as well.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature
The tone of the game will change depending on your decisions

For example, when the creature feels joy or other positive emotions, vibrant and colorful watercolor environments will fill the world. On the other hand, if it experiences a strong negative feeling, you’ll see things in a darker palate. As you can probably expect, there will be several different endings, which gives the classic story new perspectives.

No doubt the first thing about The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature that strikes an impression with players is its art style, which is simply gorgeous. The developer wanted the game to look like a painting, and judging from the trailer below, it has absolutely nailed that. The outstanding visuals are further complemented by some excellent piano tunes as well, and you can expect that these will also change based on how the game is going.

The Wandered Ios Android Switch Gameplay A209_wm
The art style is simply gorgeous

You can find The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature on the App Store right now as a premium app priced at $3.99 (Roughly Rs 300). The game is also expected to come to Android and Nintendo Switch in the future.