Earlier this month, we reported that the Ghibli-themed puzzle-platformer Forgotton Anne from developer ThroughLine Games was heading to iOS, but no release date was available at the time. Well, now we’ve got some more good news: This award-winning game has finally arrived on the App Store, so right now you can head over there to pick it up and jump into this touching story-based adventure.

Forgotton Anne Story Trailer

The game is set in a hidden dimension known as the “Forgotton Realm” – a place where items lost or forgotten in the real world such as socks, lamps, toys etc. end up and come to life, becoming “Forgotlings”. You will take on the role of Anne, an enforcer whose responsibility is to maintain order in the realm. Now, you must set out to put an end to a rebellion that might prevent you from finding a way to return to the human world. Naturally, this will be a journey fraught with danger and story-changing decisions. Every conversation can branch in a several different ways, so every single one of your choices matters.

If you have watched some animated classics from Studio Ghibli such as Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle, then surely you can notice the similarities here in Forgotten Anne and its hand-drawn art style. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the soaring orchestral score present throughout only serves to make things even better.

Forgotton Anne Graphics
Stunning graphics with a Ghibli-inspired vibe

The gameplay is a perfect mix of 2D platforming and puzzle solving. Most of your in-game time will be spent figuring out ways to navigate challenges and riddles with your magical capabilities and exploring the environment to uncover hidden secrets. On top of that, the iOS version will support cloud saving and includes a whopping 33 pieces of artwork for you to collect, so it’ll surely entertain you for a quite a long while.

Forgotton Anne Gameplay
The gameplay is a perfect mix of 2D platforming and puzzle solving

If you are a fan of quality platformers with a good story, then Forgotton Anne is definitely a game you should not miss out on. Grab it on the App Store right now!