At any gathering, games could always offer us lots of fun. Board games are great for these occasions but you need to buy a physical copy to actually play with friends.

On the other hand, various iPhone titles are just perfect for your next parties, small or large. To help you, here is a list of some 6 fun free iPhone games.

1. Heads Up!

From Ellen DeGeneres (the famous host), we have Heads Up! - one of the top-rated party games on the iPhone. It is a title for all the ages, the main part of its appeal lies with the simple mechanic of the title and that you could enjoy anywhere with just a group of two or more.

To play Heads Up! you place the iPhone on your forehead, then the screen will show a word from various categories. Then your friends will have to explain that word to you; your mission is to guess that correct answer. Once your answers is correct, then tilt the phone down to get a new word. Tilt the phone up to pass the current word and show the new clue.

6 Fun Party Games On Iphone For Your Group Gatheri
With all those offered themes, you will never get tired of it.

Few of the categories are accents, animals, movies, celebrities, and more. Therefore, you will have lots of options to choose from. After each play, the game will show how well have you played. You could also use the front camera of your iPhone to record everyone's faces while they tried to give you clues.

2. Evil Apples: Dirty as ____.

Warning: you should really put this game out of reach for your children. In general, it is a digital version of the popular board game Cards Against Humanity.

6 Fun Party Games On Iphone For Your Group Gatheri
Keep the children away while playing this title.

To begin, every player will read the same question card. Then each one will choose their answer card to complete the blank. The judge will select which one he/she likes the best. The 1st player to win seven rounds win the game. The answers and questions in this title range from really hysterical to only funny.

It features over 800 questions and 4,000 answers to keep the party interested. You could enjoy it with your nearby friend or at a gathering. You could also play it via Facebook, Twitter, or text.

3. Just Dance Now

In any party, dancing is always an awesome way to tune the fun up. And with Just Dance Now, you can enjoy that excitement anywhere, even without a game console. With this title, your phone will be the controller while you can use a screen with internet connection like Chromecast, Computer, SmartTV, or iPad to show your moves

The game will show you how to set it up in just a few simple steps, then time it for a dance. Your larger screen will show you the moves and dance while your phone works as a "Wii Remote." Currently, the title offers over 400 songs for you to move to. You can also make your playlist for every specific event of yours. Plus, the game will send the number of calories you have burned by dancing to your Health App.

This title has a free version where you could try for a limited number of songs; however, through subscription or purchase, you can open the whole catalog up.

4. The Truth Comes Out

6 Fun Party Games On Iphone For Your Group Gatheri
Try your best to think of the most interesting answer.

In this title, you will get to answer questions such as "What has Peter been with last night?" or "What did Laura google yesterday?". Then all the players will vote for the answer that they like. You get points if your friends choose yours. In the end, whoever ends up with the most point becomes victorious.

This title offers a paid subscription that will unlock hundreds of much more adult content.

5. What You Choose

6 Fun Party Games On Iphone For Your Group Gatheri
In this game, you could compare your results with the rest of the world.

This app features lots of questin in from of " would you rather...". Let's take an example; there is the question of would you rather live forever or be super-rich? Then after answer the question, you will get to the results in real-time from players worldwide. There is no adult-question, so it is kid-friendly.

6. Triple Agent!

6 Fun Party Games On Iphone For Your Group Gatheri
You have to choose to capture or be captured.

It is a fun party game for 5-7 players while requiring just one iPhone. One round lasts about 10 minutes with 12 unique operations, which will offer you a different experience each time you play it.

In the beginning, each player will get a role: a double agent from VIRUS or a secret agent. Once the round ends, you will vote to choose a person to imprison. If a VIRUS double agent is imprisoned, then, the secret agent wins, or else the double agent of VIRUS win. The gameplay of Triple Agent! resembles that of the Werewolf game.