Along with the rapid development of the Internet, we have witnessed people of all ages and all classes playing online games on a smartphone. It doesn’t worth noting if children, especially those under the age of adolescence, aren’t involved.

Mrs Lou
Mrs. Lou - the 'victim' in this incident.

Not long before, the netizens got deeply shocked when learning that an 8-year-old girl from Chengdu, China spent up to 130k CNY (about Rs14.7 lakh) playing online games on her mother’s smartphone. This incident gives us a warning about children’s addiction to online games at present.

According to a Chinese newspaper, Mrs. Luo - mother of the 8-year-old girl - gave her smartphone to her daughter and the little girl played an online game in 12 consecutive days. She didn’t pay a lot of attention to what the little girl played at that time. When she accidentally opened the game, Mrs. Luo surprisingly realized that her daughter ranked No.1 on the game. Instead of scolding her, she felt very proud of her intelligent daughter.

The mother may get shocked when checking the balance.

Things turned into a nightmare when Mrs. Luo bought some furniture with her bank card. She seemingly couldn’t believe in her eyes. Instead of 130k CNY, the account balance just showed 1.84 CNY (about Rs20.83).

Mrs. Luo came to the bank in a hurry to check her transaction records. It turned out that her total savings were poured into a gaming company and the one who spent it was nobody but her 8-year-old daughter. Accordingly, Mrs. Luo’s bank account was linked to online games the little girl was playing.

The online game the daughter played.

The amount she poured into the game kept increasing over time, from 30 CNY (Rs340), 500 CNY (Rs5.6k), to 1k CNY (Rs11k). Until there was no money left in the mother’s account, the girl had no choice but to stop. Mrs. Luo hoped to take the money back by filing a complaint to the gaming company but it was obviously infeasible.

This incident should be considered as a warning for parents about allowing their kids to use a smartphone without any attention. Mrs. Lou may never let her daughter play online games on her smartphone once again.

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