PUBG Mobile is getting more and more popular – the battle royale game is currently amongst the most popular games in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game’s success was partially caused by the effort that was put in from its developers. Lightspeed, Quantum, Krafton and PUBG Corps have banded together, pumping out new features, bugfix, and balance changes. Because of that, PUBG Mobile’s performance has been improved gradually over time.

The new Aztec map in the leaked update:

There has been a lot of QoL updates recently, such as the new user interface – its cleaner and more modern compared to the old one. The game modes have seen further changes as well – with two new game modes added: Team Death Match and Infection Zombie mode. All in all, there is still a lot to be improved – especially when it comes to optimization. Technically, there are still a lot of problems with rubber-banding and desyncing, along with random crashes and unstable connections.

Pubg Mobile 90hz 120hz
The 90 and 120 refresh rate options in the Chinese client

While working on the most needed bug fixes, PUBG Mobile’s dev team has released a new graphical update feature in the Chinese beta version. Based on a video from a trusted source, looks like the devs are currently working on getting 90 fps and 120 fps to work in-game. Currently, the highest frame rate achievable in PUBG Mobile is 60 fps, which is nowhere near as good as it could be if you have a higher-end phone. A higher refresh rate would enable the game to run much more smoothly – and in combat, if your phone has a higher refresh rate, it would be way easier to beat over the head of your enemies when they are lagging. Of course, in order for one to actually achieve this level of fps, they would need a higher-end smartphone that has a high refresh rate screen.

Video about the aforementioned leaked updates for PUBG Mobile:

Currently, only the OnePlus 7 Pro, Asus ROG Phone, and the Nubia Red Magic 3 have a 90hz display screen. The 120hz display screen is even rarer, only the Razer Phone 2 and  Asus ROG Phone II have it.

Overall, as the 90 fps and 120 fps modes are featured in the Chinese beta and not the Global beta, the mode might not come as soon as you think it would be. However, it definitely will come in the future. With the new 120Hz display on the next iPhone, the high-quality mode for PUBG Mobile is just inevitable.

More info about the leaked Chinese update can be found in this article.