Developer inkle Studios is known for multiple award-winning hits such as 80 Days or the Sorcery series. Now, after laying in dormant for two years, it is coming back with a new project: Heaven’s Vault. This is a sci-fi archaeological adventure game that perfectly blends the hand-drawn 2D art with beautiful 3D environments. The game was actually first revealed almost exactly a year ago through a teaser that demonstrated how ambitious it was at the time. You can see it below:

The story of Heaven’s Vault sees you following the footsteps of Aliya Elasra and her robotic sidekick Six as they embark on a journey through the Nebula to uncover the secrets behind a long lost civilization. Along the way, you will encounter numerous puzzles in the form of language deciphering. Every time you successfully translate an ancient rune, you will get a new clue that pushes the story forward. However, inaccurate translations might send you down the wrong path.

Heaven Vault

Overcoming these linguistic challenges is not everything. Heaven’s Vault also offers a non-linear experience that allows you to freely explore the world – or one should say, worlds. You will have a chance to visit several planets and venture through a multitude of locations: prosperous farming villages, thriving market towns, ancient ruined palaces, and more. As you do, you will encounter a diverse cast of characters. Some of them are friendly, others not so much, and a few might even try to take advantage of you. The interesting thing is, these characters remember and react to everything you do. This gives more weight to your decisions. Whichever way you choose to go, the story is always moving forward, and there is no turning back from whatever that may happen.

The developer has recently released another trailer for the game, which offers a deeper look into its world and storyline. Watch it here:

Heaven’s Vault is promised to be coming in spring 2019 on PC and various console platforms, with a mobile version to follow soon after.