Dragon is a mythological creature that had taken control of Teyvat before the Archon War. Check out five Genshin Impact dragons on this continent and see if Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of them.

#1. Azhdaha

Azhdaha is one of the strongest dragons in Genshin Impact now. During the Archon War, he supported the Geo Archon Morax. This ancient dragon is so strong that every time he moves, the earth trembles and shakes.

Azhdaha was one of the strongest dragons in Teyvat.

Though he was weakened due to erosion, a slight movement of Azhdaha can still cause an earthquake. Therefore, Morax sealed him underground to prevent disasters for people in Liyue. In the myths about ancient legendary dragons in Enkanomiya, many players found that Azhdaha might be one of the Seven Sovereigns in the ancient Teyvat.

#2. Dvalin

Dvalin is a Wind Dragon living in Monstadt. He was born around 2000 years ago in the high heaven 'Celestia'. After having some conflicts with Mondstadt citizens, he became the companion of Anemo Archon Barbatos and one of the Four Winds guarding this nation.

Dvalin is one of the Four Winds in Mondstadt.

But he had been tormented by the Abyssal poison in the vein of the Black Dragon Durin for centuries before the Abyss Order took advantage of him to attack Mondstadt. Then, Venti, Traveler, and the Knights of Favonius restore his sanity.

#3. Apep

Dendro Dragon Apep was introduced in Update 3.6. He is one of a few elemental dragons that ruled over Teyvat. This dragon ruled over Sumeru before Celestia set the rule over Teyvat. The release of Apep in Genshin Impact 3.6 may imply that other elemental dragons are still living in different forms and nations in the game world.

Apep is one of the seven elemental dragons in the ancient Teyvat.

#4. Durin

Unlike the three previous dragons in this list, Durin is not a real lifeform. This shadow dragon was created by the greatest alchemist Rhinedottir. The alchemist gave this dragon miraculous power. It also obtained power from Void Realm, which may be a part of the Abyss deep under Teyvat.

Durin bears Abyssal poison in his blood.

Due to this source of power, his blood contaminated a large area of the Dragonspine after he was defeated by Venti and Dvalin.

#5. Sangonomiya Kokomi

The prophecy in Enkanomiya revealed that Hydro Dragon was going to be born in the form of a human. A lot of players believed that Kokomi was the reborn Dragon of Water due to some reason.

Firstly, the name of this island means "the god of the oceans". Next, people on Watatsumi island were not native to Inazuma. They rooted from the depths of Enkanomiya. Moreover, her constellation is called 'Dracaena Somnolenta' which means 'Sleeping Dragon'.

Kokomi Genshin
Kokomi can be the dragon of water reborn in Teyvat.

Though Sangonomiya Kokomi was not confirmed to be the human form of the reborn Hydro Dragon, this evidence still makes people believe that she was the Dragon of Water reborn in Watatsumi.

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