Genshin Impact 3.8 may bring back a popular character who has been absent too long. A lot of players and fans of this character are highly expecting her rerun. Besides, there are two or three other rerun banners in Update 3.8. Check them out here.

#1. Eula

Eula is the most anticipated character in Genshin Impact now. She has been absent for over a year. She is expected to come back to the game in Update 3.8. Therefore, a lot of players are saving Primogems for her rerun banner.

Here are why she is worth your savings.

  • Eula is the most powerful Physical DPS in the game up to now.
  • She does not require many buffs from teammates. Therefore, it's easy and cheap to build her team
  • Eula can buff herself.
Eula Genshin Impact
Eula may return after over a year.

Though this character focuses on Physical DMG, she is still strong and effective in countering various bosses. Moreover, the best Cryo Physical supporter - Mika has been released already.

#2. Klee

Klee has also been absent for a couple of months. She is the oldest catalyst user in Genshin Impact who had been released since the early updates of the game. Check out the top reasons to save Primogems for her upcoming rerun banner.

  • Klee can stun the opponents, so she does not require a shield.
  • She is agile and powerful.
  • This Pyro DPS can deal AoE Pyro DMG to enemies in a large burning area.
  • She can get snapshot buffs from both her skill and burst.
  • Klee is a versatile character who can fit various teams.
Klee Genshin Impact
A lot of players are expecting for Klee's rerun.

This is one of the earliest characters in Genshin Impact. But she is still a perfect DPS for current teams.

#3. Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi has a lot of fans thanks to her beautiful appearance and brilliant kits. The young descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan on Watatsumi Island is an effective Hydro catalyst healer. A lot of players are waiting for her rerun banner in update 3.8 due to the following reasons.

  • Kokomi is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact.
  • She can get buff from Hydro elemental resonance.
  • This catalyst wielder can play as an off-field Hydro enabler.
  • She is an ideal supporter of the Burgeon, Bloom, and Hyperbloom teams.
Kokomi rerun makes a lot of fans excited.

Kokomi is preferred after the release of Dendro reactions. You should save Primogems for his excellent healer if you haven't got a strong healer for your team.

#4. Wanderer

Wanderer also has a slight chance to return in Genshin Impact 3.8. But there may be a new character. But you can save Primogems for this character if you are a fan of him and for the following reasons.

  • He has a unique hovering skill.
  • His Normal and Charged attacks deal massive Damage to enemies.
  • Wanderer is one of the best characters for world exploration and solving puzzles.
Wanderer Genshin Impact
Wanderer has a small chance to rerun.

These characters' rerun banners are worth pulling. But it's hard for F2P players to get all of them in the same update. Just save Primogems for your preferred character.

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