Among Us has taken the world by storm with more than 80 million downloads on mobile in just one month. It is a hilarious game of friendship and betrayal as everyone tried to figure out the impostor to eject out into space.

Ironically, while most people will be playing as crewmates, most people actually want to be the impostor. As an impostor, you pretty much just press a button to kill while no one is around and repeat until you win, or at least that is what happens in most random games.

But if you meet a crew that is not completely newbie, that is no longer a legit strategy anymore and you will end up wasting your impostor run before the game even reaches climax.

 Among Us Strategies
Being an Impostor is not that easy, especially when you are playing with veteran players

Worry not, we are here to fix that. These are the most general Among Us strategies that you will be using almost all the time as an impostor. You might find some tips you already know, but I can assure you that most of you will find something helpful in this guide.

Among Us Strategies for Impostor

  • Avoid using vent when you don't have to

As an impostor, constantly using vent doesn't really do anything for you. Plus, you will be putting yourself at more risk. What if someone is in the admin room? Or what if someone walks in on you venting at electrical? The only time you need to use vent is after killing someone.

Among Us vents
Remember the vents in Among Us will be very helpful as an Impostor
  • Don't kill and then self-report right away.

You will look very suspicious if you report too many dead bodies. If you have gone around for a while and bump into the body once again, it is fine to report. Also if someone is coming then you should report right away.

  • Don't kill when cams are flashing red.

This thing is super obvious but there are so many people who don't know about this and make the deadly mistake. Around the maps in Among Us, there are tiny little cameras. When they are blinking red, that means there are people watching you.

Among Us Strategies
When that little camera is blinking red, that means someone is watching you
  • Shut doors before you kill, and then vent out.

Simple and effective. You don't want anyone to walk in the room when you just killed a player right?

  • When there are only 3 players left, it is a guaranteed win if you sabotage the light

A lot of people somehow don't recognize this fact. When there are only 3 players left, the crewmates must hold a meeting immediately or they will lose when the Impostor kills another person. Holding a meeting is the only way to win for the crewmate because they can have a 1/3 chance of winning.

Among Us Strategies
The game is basically yours when there are only 3 players left

But they can't hold a meeting during a crisis/ sabotage. Turning the light off will also give you time to cool down your kill.

  • Fake your tasks

You will look normal, which is good, by faking your task on the taskbar. But don't make up stupid tasks such as downloading data to admin at the beginning of the game or some veteran players might know it.

  • Sabotage after you kill

You will have less chance of being spotted by doing this.

 Among Us Strategies
Kill in a place where no one saw you walked in
  • Don't kill in a place where other people saw you walked in

Let's say Red saw you enter electrical while going to storage to refuel. After that, he comes back and decided to check electrical because the door is closed and saw a dead body. There is no way to lose the game easier than this but many people have made this mistake.

  • When there are many people stack up in one place, it's a free kill

If there are many people in an EXACT same spot, there is no way to tell who is the killer. It's normally when people are trying to fix comms, lights,...

  • NEVER give up

This is the final and the most important one that all Impostor need to embrace all the time.

Among Us Strategies impostor
A true impostor will never admit to being an impostor, always fight until the end

Let's say, Blue saw you kill and vent. Don't just admit it and get voted out without a fight. Immediately telling people that Blue was the Impostor and that he self-reported. People simply won't know who is Impostor if you stayed clean the whole game. It doesn't matter if there are like 7 people left, just fight and deny till the end.

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