After a rather long period of interruption, we have now brought our Android Games Weekly Summary back to keep you updated on the most notable games that were released during the past week. Without further ado, let’s take a look:

Monster Viator

Monster Viator is the latest addition to Kemco’s increasingly huge library of JRPG. Our protagonist is a young guy who possesses the power to speak to monsters. He has somehow lost all recollection of his past, however, so now he must set out on an adventure to recover his memories. He won’t be alone, however, as he’ll have the company of a shepherd who can also communicate with monsters through a magic harp. The gameplay, meanwhile, is somewhat similar to Pokémon, where you can recruit monsters to fight for you in turn-based battles.

She Sees Red

She Sees Red is an interactive thriller kind of similar to games like Telling Lies or Her Story. Stepping in the shoes of a detective, you must now investigate a series of murders in a nightclub. The entire game is basically a movie, but you’ll get to make decisions along the way that’ll lead to different endings.

Terraforming Mars

Coming from Asmodee Digital, Terraforming Mars is a digital port of a physical board game of the same name. Your task is to try and colonize Mars by playing cards to grow trees, create pools of water, and establish cities.

The House of Da Vinci 2

The House of Da Vinci 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed puzzle game The House of Da Vinci, and it has somehow managed to look even better than its predecessor. Traveling back through time and following Leonardo Da Vinci’s assistant, you’ll solve a series of challenging puzzles to progress through the story and eventually witness a major invention being brought to existence.

Fantasy Earth Genesis

Fantasy Earth Genesis a new MMORPG from Asobimo, the same studio behind Toram Online. Its main focus is on large-scale PvP battles, with you having 3 factions to force an alliance with and fight for.