If you have had a busy week and haven’t been able to keep up to date with the latest releases on Android, worry not, we at Gurugamer have got you covered with another episode of Android Games Weekly Summary. Let’s check out the 5 most notable Android games launched last week:


You are probably already too familiar with this excellent simulator game already, so there’s not much else to say here. The game is now available on Google Play, so go grab it and govern your own island right now!

Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE

Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE is the very first mobile game based on the classic manga Fist of the North Star to have an English release. With this game, you’ll get to be reunited with many familiar faces and relive several iconic fight scenes from the source material. The only concern is the Gacha mechanics, which apparently include IAPs that can go as high as $100.

Men in Black: Global Invasion

Men in Black: Global Invasion is another AR game following the style of Pokémon GO. Only this time, instead of catching Pokémon, you’ll travel around your real-life neighborhood to fight and capture aliens. Additionally, the turn-based battle system unexpectedly well-done, resulting in an overall challenging and fun experience.

Trap Labs

Trap Labs is an action-puzzle game in which you have to try to escape from a trap-filled laboratory. What makes Trap Labs special is that it fully supports cross-platform multiplayer, meaning you’ll be able to play with PC or iOS users. The game is free to try, and if you like it, you can spend $4.99 (Rs 350) on a one-time IAP to unlock the entire experience.

River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure

There are two kinds of mobile players: Those who like hardcore console-like games, and those who just want something relaxing to pass free time with. River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure is a must-play for the latter. While the presentation is somewhat minimalistic, it has its own charm and doesn’t get boring to look at after a while. There are also enough challenges to make the gameplay entertaining.