For our top 5 new Android games this week, we present to you the sequel of the dungeon crawler Nonstop Knight 2, Swordigo's action/platformer Grimvalor, and some more interesting games. Keep reading to find out more about these games.

Nonstop Knight 2

The game was officially launched last Friday and is free to play just like its prequel. However, it also adds a lot of fun stuff to give players a better experience. Here's the trailer:

From the trailer, you can see what the game has to offer. Basically, you can expect that many mechanics have been improved and expanded compared to its predecessor. Plenty of new features such as extended equipment, melee and ranged weapons, new abilities, as well as co-op and competitive modes are included.


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Swordigo's anticipated action-platformer is out now on Android after launching on iOS. Basically, Grimvalor is a great combination of  the solid controls and structure of Swordigo and a Dark-Soul-like dark fantasy theme.

The game is free on Play Store. It also contains ads that you can remove by spending $6.99 (Rs 490) on a one-time IAP.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a mix of a collectible card game and a classic tower defense game. Being a strategy-centered game, it offers a whopping 500+ levels for you to challenge yourself in a fantasy-themed world featuring troop units like minotaurs, orcs, dragons, skeletons, and many more. The defensive towers also have multiple ranges and abilities to fit your strategic needs. What's more, collecting and wisely ussing cards is the key to your victory.

Watch the trailer:

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, arguably the best TV series to ever existed, this is the right game for you. The game is a story-driven base-building game that lets you help Walter and Jesse in their criminal path toward building a drug empire. Ignore the moralities, folks, since money is everything.

The game lets you build your own base and protect it by any means. That includes gaining resources, upgrading buildings, defending against any rivalry. Also, no one can succeed without the help of others, you will need the aid of most talented and loyal specialists that you can recruit to ensure a strengthened empire of criminals.

Watch the trailer:

Game of Trenches

Another strategy game for history lovers. With a WWI theme, the game promises to bring you the best experience of the Great War on your Android device. Choose your favorite side, fight with a well-trained and well-prepared army while playing as the legendary leaders in the war such as Kaiser Wilhelm II, Georges Clemenceau Mustafa Kemal, and J Pershing.

The game also features online mode and is free to download.