The ambitious sci-fi MMO Second Galaxy finally hit Android this past week, and the excellent adventure game This Is the Police 2 has also made the jump to mobile as well. Aside from that, there are a few other interesting titles that you definitely should check out. Let’s have a look:

Second Galaxy

If you have been following us, then you are probably no stranger to Second Galaxy and the awesome features it boasts. There are about 5 thousand galaxies to explore, a massive collection of ships to unlock and countless missions to complete. Basically, the entire universe is there to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Million Lords: Strategy & Conquest

The main reason Million Lords caught our attention is that it is not your typical mobile RTS. It doesn’t put a strong emphasis on resource management and base-building and instead focuses more on the macro side of things. The in-game map is shared by all players, and as a result, you’ll constantly have to struggle against others if you want to expand your territory, which makes for a pretty engaging and highly competitive experience.


You can think of this game as the lovechild of Alto’s Odyssey and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Despite the somewhat simplistic graphics, it is actually really hard to master. The only downside is that it is relatively short: there are only 36 levels in total. Still, the game is well worth picking up for all the awesome stunts that it allows you to perform.

Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a combination of many popular games. It’s like an idle version of Monster Hunter for mobile, but with some elements of Pokémon and World Of Warcraft added into the mix. It’s definitely one of the best idle RPGs available on the market at the moment.

This is the Police 2

This is the Police 2 is a police-themed adventure game in which you become the sheriff of a local police station. Naturally, a large part of your job will involve fighting against criminals and trying to maintain order. The game was originally released for PC to a warm reception, so if you are a fan of these types of game, don’t miss out on this one!