Last week we reported that the ambitious space MMO Second Galaxy had exited open beta and was ready to launch on both Android and iOS, and now it’s finally here. The game is set 3 millennia in the future, where humankind has colonized a large chunk of space and named it the ‘Second Galaxy’. 5 powerful factions have emerged and are constantly at war with one another, and you – a talented space captain – have been caught in the conflict.

Second Galaxy Launch Trailer

Ok, prepare yourself for some jaw-dropping statistics: The in-game universe is said to be over 1,000 light-years wide, includes more than 5000 galaxies and 50,000 stars, each of which featuring its own space stations and explorable wormholes. Honestly, saying that Second Galaxy is massive would be an understatement.

Second Galaxy Feature Image 1
To say that this game is massive would be an understatement

Of course, big size doesn’t necessarily mean good quality, as the launch of No Man’s Sky has taught us, but here, it seems like the developer has done a good job with filling Second Galaxy with worthwhile things to do and see. Moreover, the game features an extensive trading system that allows you to make real-time transactions with other players. Naturally, if you can use your haggling skills to obtain better equipment, it’ll go a long way in helping you come out on top in the large-scale conflicts that you’ll inevitably find yourself involved in.

Speaking of conflicts, it looks like combat is another primary focus here as well. You’ll have access to a huge arsenal of missiles and weapons as well as the ability to customize your ship’s loadout. Additionally, the different factions – which you can choose to ally yourself with – also focus on different weapon types, so there’s a great amount of variety to explore in this aspect.

Second Galaxy Weapon
You’ll have access to a huge arsenal of missiles and weapons

So, if you’re willing to forgo your social life and lose yourself in the Second Galaxy, head over to Google Play or the App Store to pick it up right now!