So, another week has come and gone, and once again we are back with a list of the 5 most notable games released for Android last week. Let's scroll down to get more details!

Farm Punks

A brand new product of Noodlecake Studios Inc, Farm Punks is a crazy mobile game that's basically a hybrid between an Endless Runner and a Farming Simulator.

You will launch various fruits from a mountain down and build up your profit by executing tricks along your journey. Then you will reinvest that profit back into your farm to purchase upgrades, vehicles, and more mighty cannons.

Gears POP!

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Gears POP! is a free-to-play game on Android devices.

As a new product of developers The Coalition & Mediatonic and publisher Xbox Game Studios, Gears POP! is an arena battler in Clash Royale style. In the game, you will collect pins of your favorite Gears of War characters, build a party out of them, and fight with other players in various arenas.

Man Vs. Missiles: Combat

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Man Vs. Missiles: Combat was out on August 22nd, 2019.

'Man Vs. Missiles: Combat' is the second chapter to the aerial battle game Man Vs. Missiles from developer Spiel Studios. In the game, you will take various planes to the skies when you use your arsenal of weapons to fight with enemy jets, which also come in different sizes and shapes. Along the way, you'll get to collect multiple power-ups and unlock more planes. The game is free to play so that you can download it from Google Play.

Perfect World Mobile

It is a mobile version of the classic PC MMORPG Perfect World, which was out more than twelve years ago. This mobile edition is quite faithful to the original one, with many similarities like locations, races, and classes. The difference here is that it has completely new visuals and touch controls. Now check out the trailer of Perfect World Mobile!


Spiritwish 007
Spiritwish is a new game from Nexon

This MMORPG from Nexon allows players to control a group of three heroes instead of just one. Each of them has various skills & abilities. You will have a lot of tasks to complete with your team, including dungeons, co-op raids, and PvP. The game also offers autoplay, so you can tackle all these with a single hand.