So, as you know, each week we gather up 5 new Android titles that launched during the week to help you save some time searching for new games to play. Let's dig into this week's episode:

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Ios Screenshot A Spectral Ship Att
To come out on top, you must arrange your units in a smart way

As you probably know, DotA Underlords is Valve's official version of the popular DotA 2 mod Auto Chess. In this game, every battle has you fight against 8 other players, the winner is the last standing one. To come out on top, you must arrange your units in a smart way.

Professor Layton- Diabolical Box

We only see a game like Diabolical Box once in a while. In fact, this is a port from the DS version. It is a puzzle-based story where the game mission is to clear the mystery of your mentor's murder.

Harry Potter - Wizards Unite

The developers of this game have also worked on Pokémon GO. So this title is an AR-based game in which your mission is to collect magical things that have been appearing in the world of Muggles and return them all to the Wizarding Realm.

ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War is a legendary strategy game on PC released way back in the early 2000s. Now, Barbarian Invasion - its second expansion, is available on Android. In this strategy turn-based game, you take on the role of the leader/ commander to go on various battlefields to either destroy or defend the mighty Roman Empire. This is the perfect fit for you if you like a good mobile game to spend a few hours.

Hello Hero All Stars

Hello Hero All Stars is a sequel to the cutesy Hello Hero Epic Battle and the latest addition to the Hello Hero franchise. It still retains the joyful, cartoony vibe that is traditional to the series, while adding several innovations to the gameplay. There are hundreds of characters for you to collect, and you can even recruit enemies to fight for you.