Ever since its first appearance back in 2014, the Hello Hero series has remained a steady breath of fresh air to the mobile RPG genre, featuring a joyful, cartoony vibe that sets itself apart from the myriads of other titles out there.

The first Hello Hero was met with runaway success, leading to a sequel called Hello Hero Epic Battle, which we’ve covered a few times before. Now, the franchise is getting a third installment.

Titled Hello Hero All Stars, it is the biggest entry in the series to date. All the characters from the first two games make a return here, and there are also several improvements. Check out the trailer for the game below:

But if you have not heard of the name “Hello Hero”, here’s a quick recap: It is a series of Korean RPGs for mobile, which, as you probably know, can be quite generic. However, Hello Hero sets itself apart not only with its highly-polished and charming graphics, but also with its gameplay as well.

The most notable innovation that it brings is that you can actually recruit enemies to fight for your cause. This adds a wholesome and heartwarming feeling to the main campaign as characters go from being on opposite sides of the battlefield to being brothers-in-arms. Naturally, as you progress, you’ll get to level up the heroes in your collection and make them more powerful.

Hello Hero Heroes
Hundred of heroes to collect

The game includes literally hundreds of characters for you to unlock, each having their own characteristics and powers. There is no such thing as “strongest characters” in this game. You’ll get to upgrade just about everything from skills to items to customize your own playstyle.

Hello Hero Commitment
A cute RPG for mobile that doesn't require too much commitment

Another helpful feature is that the game will automatically progress even when you log out, so every time you return, you can reap a bunch of rewards. Thus, if you’re looking for a light-hearted RPG to pass your free time but are too busy to invest effort and dedication into a hardcore title, Hello Hero All Stars could be a nice option.