Fans have got familiar with the appearances of celebrities in the GTA franchise, including GTA 5, of Rockstar Games. Some of the most famous actors include Samuel L. Jackson and Ray Liotta.

Annie Cheryl

However, when it comes to the success of the GTA franchise, there is also a great contribution of many voice actors such as Cara Delevingne and Axl Rose. Cara Delevingne dubbed a radio show host in the radio station Non-Stop Pop FM in GTA 5 while the second one provided the voice of K-DST DJ Tommy Smith in GTA: San Andreas.

Many fans of GTA 5 get a strong impression on the voice of Cheryl Fawkes that is dubbed by Anne Frances Lederman, better known as Annie Lederman. She now works as a famous US comedian and podcast host.


For those unknown, the radio show producer in GTA 5 is known as the one to initiate parody and satire of hippie culture. Cheryl is the owner of lots of funny lines in the Grand Theft Auto V.

Speaking of Annie Lederman, the 1983-born comedian has taken part in many projects in TV shows and stand-up. While her comedic posts on social networks have received huge interest from the netizens, not all of her fans know that she is also the host of podcast Meanspiration. She started this podcast in 2019.

Annie Lederman Cheryl Fawkes
Annie Lederman used to appear in The Joe Rogan Experience.

Gamers have sent a bunch of praise to her voice as Cheryl Fawkes in GTA 5, especially when her character is amongst the most interesting characters with hilarious parody. Further, Cheryl Fawkes’s hippie views on culture and modern society are one of the most notable things in this character.

Back in the past, Annie Lederman used to appear in GTA online live-streams of Lazlow Jones and Joe Rogan.

In addition to GTA 5, Annie Lederman has joined in many projects such as Chelsea Lately (2012-2014), Bert And Arnie’s Guide To Friendship (2012), Adam DeVine’s House Party (2013), We Have Issues (2015), Those Who Can’t (2019), and more.