“Survive Till Dawn” – the new zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile as a result of a collaboration with Resident Evil 2 remake – has already been live for two days and so far, fans seem to be loving it.

The mode is just simply so much fun to play, but it is also undeniably pretty difficult as well, especially during the night where zombies are a lot more aggressive. Yes, the first night might be relatively easy, but the second one is truly the stuff of nightmares. The developers have added a few weapons to the game such as a minigun or flamethrower to help you get by, but they are extremely rare. As a result, many players don’t live to see the light of the third day.

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Hiding inside buildings and aim your gun directly at the entrance to immediately take down anyone that comes in has been a long-running tactic (and a pretty effective one) in PUBG Mobile, but it won’t help you against these horrifying walking dead. Eventually, they will overwhelm you with sheer number. Additionally, certain zombies are capable of spitting out acid that causes a lot of damage over time, so you will not want to stand in one place for too long.

So what else can you do? Just run and hope that they won’t catch you and wait for the sun to rise? Well, you can certainly try if you are confident that you can outrun a literal legion of the monsters coming at you from all direction. Finding a minigun or a flamethrower to absolutely destroy them? That might work, until you run out of ammo. But what then?

Well, the answer is, just jump into the water. Those annoying zombies can’t swim, so once you manage to get yourself into deeper waters, they won’t be able to get to you. They might still be able to spit their poison on you so you should pay a bit of attention, but in general, just stay in the water until the sun comes up and you’ll be fine.

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The zombies won't be able to reach you in deep waters

It is clear that the new zombie mode adds a lot of cool things to PUBG Mobile and pushes players to come up with new, creative ways to survive. If only this mode could stay forever….