Despite the upcoming return of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is still in full swing in India with more and more new events to celebrate the festival of light Diwali in the country. While there are only 2 days ahead of the big day when the Diwali shop is open and offers players a free Magic Cube, Garena continues to launch a brand new event called Free Fire Diwali Wish which offers players a long list of super items including the much-coveted Arctic Bundle. Find out more details about the event and how to claim hot rewards.

Free Fire Diwali Wish Event

Made available in-game from November 13th to 19th, Free Fire Diwali Wish is one of the new events in the Free Fire Diwali Event series. By making a wish in the event, players can have a chance to win legendary bundles like the Arctic Bundle, The Streets, or gun skins like M1887 - Rapper Underworld, MP40 - Mechanical. Here is what you need to do to:

  • There are two major types of rewards you can gain from the event: Bundles and Gunskin and each of the types come with two levels: Basic prize and Premium prize.
  • There are also two types of wishes you can make: Basic wish and Premium wish corresponding to two levels of Prizes mentioned above. While each Basic wish comes at only 19 diamonds, you will need to pay 199 diamonds for a Premium wish. However, you will get a 50% discount for each kind of wish in the first try.
  • To have your wish granted, choose the type of gift you want to receive first. You can pick between two types of gifts (Bundles and Gunskins) and choose the level of prize you want to get (Basic and Premium).

Just like many other lucky events of Free Fire, you’re unlikely to stand a 100% chance of the reward you wish for. However, by buying a Premium wish, you have a higher chance of having your wish granted. In addition to that, you will probably get a random permanent item for choosing this option.

As there are many limited and exclusive items that are available in the online store that has been made in stock in this event, this is really a big chance for players who want to enlarge their collection with legendary. Try it out and tell us if your wish is granted.

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