The third person shooter game Armed Heist is new on Android. It is hard not to notice the similarity between this title and Payday 2.

Armed Heist
Armed Heist is out in beta on Android

In this game, players will get involved different heists, from jewelry thefts to robbing bank vaults. The ultimate goal is to become the ‘legendary thug and crime lord’, and there is more than 70 challenge for you to try out and fulfill your dream. There is a Crime Map that shows various jobs for you to carry out.

The first step is to create your own character by choosing the appearances, weapons, and modifications from the available given sources. You can choose from up to 30 weapons such as rifles and snipers, then modify it with sights, suppressors and many other options. Also, the game features Dynamic scenarios, where the backgrounds will be changed depending on the way gamers play the game, thus there should be no such thing as ‘boredom’ in Armed Heist.

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You won't be getting bored of Armed Heist any time soon

Characters are different, so are missions. The way to deal with each mission, as a result, would never be the same. That will stimulate the creativity of players, and is probably the reason why the game is described as something that “will test your reflexes and tactical skill”.

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The game features a variety of selections from appearances, weapons to scenarios.

The more crime you commit, the more difficult yet exciting the challenges become, and so is the reward. Besides being richer, you will also be upgraded in the criminal ranks to be one of the legendaries. What's more, players will be given a unique weapon set that allows the customization of their own guns.

Armed Heist is available on Android but in beta only. You can click here to try the beta version right now. The multiplayer mode is not ready for now, but hopefully we can try it as soon as the game is updated.