Battlegrounds Mobile India is just right around the corner and everyone is eager to see the comeback of their favorite game after 8 months. However, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) named Ninong Ering recently requested a ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India just before when the game is about to launch.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombies
Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming back to India

He sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Home Minister Amit Shah, saying that the game will threaten the security and privacy of India.

Ninong Ering's letter to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India

Ninong Ering points out that Tencent is the second-largest stakeholder of Krafton with a 15.5% share. He also says that Battlegrounds Mobile India is just an attempt to launch PUBG Mobile India under a different name.

“The gameplay, features, and other aspects will be the same. Krafton has also added maps from PUBG in the re-launched game and the weapons will also be the same with just new names.”

Ninongering Pubgban
Ninong Ering's letter to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India
Ninongering Pubgban2
Ninong Ering's letter to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India

The package of Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store contained the term ‘pubg.imobile'. 

Furthermore, the new operative teams for PUBG Mobile India are people who previously worked with Tencent in the past.

Krafton also recently invested in NODWIN GAMING, an organization that works closely with Tencent.

Will Battlegrounds Mobile India be banned?

According to IGN India, the Indian government does not ban games before they were released. They only ban apps that don't comply with the rules and regulations of the country. That means, as long as Battlegrounds Mobile India does not break any rule, the games will be released just fine.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Coming Soon
There is nothing to worry about this and the game should be released normally

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