Krafton has started the pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India. The game will be expected to be released in two or three weeks. Millions of PUBG Mobile in India are waiting to play their favorite game again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombies
Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming

The game has been changing a lot after 8 months. There have been a lot of new updates, features, and game modes, which might be overwhelming for many players.

In this article, we are going to show you the 3 things to do when Battlegrounds Mobile India is released.

1. Titan Strikes mode

Titan Strikes mode is the latest mode in the 1.4 updates of PUBG Mobile. It is a part of the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration. In this mode, you will get to meet the 2 infamous giant monsters, Godzilla and Kong in the game.

Pubg Mobile Godzilla Vs Kong
Meet the 2 infamous monsters in PUBG Mobile

These two monsters will rampant across the map and reveal some really good secret loot locations if you dare to follow them. But be careful, some laser beam or helicopters might be flying at you if you don't notice.

2. New Karakin map

Karakin is the latest 2x2 map of PUBG Mobile, featuring many new items, weapons, and mechanics. Here are all the new features in Karakin:

  • Karakin will feature the Demolition Zone instead of the Red Zone. The Demolition Zone is small than the Red Zone, but it can destroy buildings.
  • There will be Sticky Bomb instead of Frag Grenade. Stick Bomb are heavier to throw but they will stick to any surface. It can destroy certain walls and obstacles on the map to reveal hidden areas.
Sticky Bomb
The Sticky Bomb in Karakin
  • There will be a lot o underground tunnels across the map.
  • There are thin walls that bullet can penetrate.
  • A new one-time-use weapon, the Panzerfaust rocket launcher. This weapon fires a rocket that has a 6 meters explosive radius. It can deal damage to players behind small obstacles and covers.

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3. Metro Royale mode

Metro Royale mode is a new exclusive mode that features entirely new gameplay to PUBG Mobile. Players get to fight monsters, buying, upgrading weapons in the Black Market, discovering a new apocalyptic world. The mode was running for 4 months before it was temporarily removed by PUBG Mobile.

They say that the mode will come back to PUBG Mobile soon so it might come back at the same time as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Pubg Metro Royale
Metro Royale mode in PUBG Mobile

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