Attack on Titan Tactics for Mobile

We have received the new from DeNA that pre-registration and application are available for the upcoming mobile game Attack on Titan Tactics. DeNA will release this game for both iOS and Android, and it will come with in-game purchases. We could expect to see the closed beta version for this game in early 2019. Attack On Titan Tactics Mobile Opens For Preregist

Attack On Titan Tactics Mobile Opens For Preregist
A gameplay screenshot

Different than other gaming adaptations of the series, and like the name suggests, Attack on Titan Tactics will have a more tactical spin on the gameplay. In this game, the player will really need to employ their strategic mindto be able to handle the Titans. For example, you can find ways to lure and trap a Titan, then use all your characters to inflict maximum damage on it.

According to the Attack on Titan Tactics official site, the pre-registration of the game has been opened since the 6th of December on the game's official website, but currently, it is only in Japanese. Furthermore, closed beta is also offered to recruited players.

A tremendous phenomenon

The series Attack on Titan began with a manga of Isayama Hajime. Ever since it has gained tremendous fame and has become a phenomenon with both of its theatre and TV anime adaptations. Its video games have also gained huge traction. The world of the series is one where humans hide behind their huge walls to protect themselves from the Titans (a type of man-eating giants). However, the Titans have begun to break into the walls and become a threat to humanity again.

Because of this huge popularity, the fans are already expecting the game to be on par with the other adaptations. To meet this high demand,  the game will be voice-over by the original cast of the anime. At this moment, we still do not have much information, but there will soon be more updates of this high profile game.