Fans of Dota 2 are probably no stranger to the popular arcade mode Auto Chess, which was developed by Chinese mobile game developer Dragonest and Drodo Studio. Auto Chess is expected to soon operate on mobile platforms.

Auto Chess
Auto Chess Mobile

Although it originated from a Dota mod, Auto Chess Mobile doesn't rely on DotA background. The game is going to feature brand new hero models and setting. However, it is still going to retain its old mechanics and skills, so you will get used to it very quickly. You can even link this game to your Steam account in order to receive some currencies based on how much time you spent in Dota 2 Auto Chess.

Dota Auto Chess released for the first time in January attracted nearly 3 million ratings on the Steam. And after 3 months it surpassed the milestone of 6 million players. The success of Auto Chess came from creativity while playing with real-time tactics with collective card games.

Auto Chess Mobile has recently begun to allow players in China to experience the beta version. To play this game before it is officially released, players need to have a Chinese phone number.

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What you need to be able to experience Auto Chess Mobile is a real Chinese phone number.

As we know before, Auto Chess Mobile does not have the Dota background characteristics, but the basic skills of the heroes in the game still have a similarity that you can easily find through their looks such as Ax, Gyrocopter, CM, Lina, ...

Players will receive some random heroes in the shared card group and depending on the strategy, the player will choose one of them to send to the battlefield. The match will consist of 8 players and all of them will try to become the last survivor until the game ends.

Auto Chess Mobile has received about 1 million registered users to experience the beta. The game will soon be available on both iOS and Android for all players worldwide. Currently, though, it does not support any language other than Chinese, so it is pretty difficult to play for those outside of the Chinese region.