The police-themed adventure game Beat Cop was originally released on PC a couple of years back, and now it has finally made its way to mobile devices. It appears to have drawn inspiration from some overly dramatic TV shows of the 80s such as Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, with some hilarious jabs at how blatantly goofy those shows look from our modern perspective. Check out the trailer below to grasp an idea of the vibe of the game:

The art style is certainly reminiscent of the old days, but Beat Cop has something a lot more serious at its core. You will play as police officer Jack Kelly, who is framed for crimes he didn’t commit and demoted to a beat cop. Now, you must patrol the gritty streets of New York City to perform your new duties, which range from writing parking tickets to chasing down bad guys, while at the same time find ways to prove your innocence. The interesting thing is, you are constantly put in moral grey areas and have to make tough decisions. Moreover, you will encounter criminal gangs who will bribe you to ignore their illegal activities or ask you for other favors, such as causing trouble for their rivals. How you choose to react will affect your reputation with them and have an impact on the game world. The game is non-linear, so different causes of action will lead to different endings.

Beatcop Screenshots 04 1
Solving crimes on the street

If you own an Android device and are interested in Beat Cop, the Google Play Store is currently offering a free trial version of the game for you to have a taste first. If you then decide that it is worth your money, you can unlock the full game through an in-app purchase for $4.99. An iOS version is also promised to be coming soon, so iOS users won't have to wait too long to try out this game either.