Getting free diamonds in Free Fire has always been the hottest topic among players as everyone wants to get some. While there are many sources claiming to giveaway thousand diamonds for free, it turns out to be all fake or the diamonds will come at a price you cannot afford: being banned from the game permanently. In fact, there are so many Free Fire hack and mod apps that you can find on the internet which can help you crack into the game and get Free Fire diamonds for free. However, as these apps are illegal and unsafe to use, many players want to look for an authorized app that gives out Free Fire free diamonds without being banned. Here are 3 of the best-trusted apps on Google Play Store with which you stand a chance to get a daily diamond bonus!

Free Fire Booyah App For Ios And Android Dbcc
Booyah is the most popular apps where Free Fire players can seek a chance to get free diamonds legitimately


Being launched by Garena itself, the BOOYAH app does not only give you some free diamonds but also much helpful information, tips, and tricks to improve your gameplay. This is the right place for every Free Fire die-hard fan. There are so many ways to receive free diamonds like redeeming the booyah tickets you win from events or watching live stream videos. You can also receive many other valuable rewards for taking up missions in the app.

Garena Booyah app has got more than 10M+ downloads. You can get it to your phone by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

Free Free Free Diamond and Elite Pass app

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2. Free Diamonds And Elite Pass

Free Diamonds and Elite Pass is another trusted app with which you have a chance to win diamonds via lucky spins. Although the number of diamonds you might get after each spin is not too high, from just 1 to 10 diamonds, the diamonds you get are real and hard-working players can get a considerable amount if they take the spins every day.

Free Fire Lucky Spin

3. Lucky Spin to FF Diamond - Win Free Diamond

Just like other Free Fire diamond apps, this app gives out free diamonds for players who watch ads and videos on the platform. With this app, you stand a chance to win up to 80 diamonds for a single spin but normally, players will only get a few diamonds. However, it is still an easy game and one of a few legit apps to get you Free Fire diamonds without spending a rupee on it.

Above are some of the best apps for you to get Free Fire diamonds for free. All of these apps are verified and available on the official app store Google Play Store. Many players have confirmed that these apps actually gave them free diamonds. It's time to try it on your own!

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