Garena Free Fire Battle Royale is currently gaining popularity rapidly in both India and the world, with somewhat modified gameplay to keep it different from competitors like PUBG Mobile or Apex Legends. While knowing the map and have a high reaction time is key to a win, picking the correct gun is also pretty important, as without it, you would not be able to combat effectively and your existing advantage might be nullified.

Ff Weapons En 1
Picking out the best weapons is very important in Free Fire

In this guide below, we would list out some of the best guns in Free Fire that can overcome any other guns in its own class. While you can pick up any gun in the early game to fend off your enemies, it is best to get one of these later on.

1 – SMGs:

In this weapon class, the P90 is probably the best – it boasts a decent rate of fire similar to the MP40, but with a lot more ammo in its magazine. You would be able to out spam anyone with this gun – or even use it against multiple enemies.

Thumb 1920 406679
The P90 is pretty strong in other FPS games as well. It is great at hip firing - you can use the thing without any scope

The VSS, on the other hand, is a rather weird weapon. It functions like a Sniper Rifle but is a part of the SMG class – the gun has a pretty decent range and is actually silenced. Best used for ambush and camp in buildings.

2 – Launcher:

The MGL 140 is probably the best launcher in the game – with its magazine of 5. This weapon class is great for clearing out rooms: fire everything then swap out for a real gun. Because of this, the bigger the magazine, the better.

The bigger the magazine, the better - reload time for this gun would be pretty high, however

3 – LMG:

The LMG is a cool category, but most of the time you can just substitute this with other guns instead, as their accuracy at a longer range is not high enough. They are also pretty clunky – an SMG might be a better choice at a closer range. Overall, Gatling is probably better.

Peo M249 Para Acog
The LMG class is not that useful in Free Fire - it is best to just get an assault rifle

4 – Assault Rifle:

The Assault Rifle class is probably the strongest and most commonly used in the game, however, not all guns are created equal. Overall, it is best that you pick those with a higher effective range over those with lower ranges. The SKS and M14 are the best Assault Rifles, with the former having a default 4x scope attached.

Groza is the best assault rifle in the game - but it is much rarer than other guns

The Groza is also pretty good as well, but it is much rarer than the previously mentioned guns. It has very high damage and range.

5 – Pistols:

Pistols are more or less just taking up space in Free Fire – if you have to use one, the M500 is probably the least bad out of them, with a default 2x Scope attached. Swap it out after you find literally anything else.

Andrew Liddle Screenshot141
The Magnum M500 has a decent range

6 – Sniper Rifles:

The Kar98k is faster and easier to control

Both Sniper Rifles are great, but the Kar98k fires faster – it would work better against a moving target.

7 – Shotgun:

Franchi Spas 12 Shotgun
The Spass can deal a lot of damage in close range

The SPAS12 is the best shotgun, as it has a faster reload speed. Players need to be accurate when using it, however, as the gun is single-action.

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