Like many other gacha games, Wuthering Waves has a lot of characters and weapons you can get. These characters and weapons often have special chances to appear in the game, kind of like special sales. They also have a paid option called "Pioneer Podcast" that gives you exclusive weapons. Nevertheless, not all Battle Pass weapons are the same in quality.

There are only five options available, but it's crucial to understand which weapons will be the most helpful, and which ones are worth the money you're paying. This article will discuss the best Pioneer Podcast weapons in Wuthering Waves, the pros and cons of each weapon, and recommend which characters are best suited to use them, helping players get the most out of their weapons.

Pioneer Podcast Weapons Wuthering Waves
It's crucial to understand which weapons will be the most helpful in Wuthering Waves.


1. Autumntrace

Autumntrace Wuthering Waves

No doubt, Autumntrace is the best Pioneer Podcast weapon in Wuthering Waves. This 4-star Broadblade features a Crit Rate bonus and a passive ability that boosts ATK% with each Basic Attack and Heavy Attack hit. This effect stacks up to five times, triggers once per second, and lasts for seven seconds, providing significant benefits to Resonators who wield it.

Autumntrace is a weapon for fighters (DPS) who land critical hits. This means it makes their attacks stronger. It's ideal for Jiyan, a damage dealer who stays in battle a lot. If you're new and don't have Jiyan, no problem! Calcharo, the free character you get at the beginning, can use it too. Basically, Autumntrace is a powerful weapon that will work well with many characters, even in the future.

2. Augment

Augment Wuthering Waves

Augment is a highly recommended option in the Battle Pass. What makes it great is its versatility—it works effectively with almost any character that can utilize it. It's a 4-star Rectifier featuring a Crit Rate substat and a passive that boosts ATK%. When a Resonator activates Resonance Liberation, it enhances the caster's ATK for 15 seconds.

The ATK boost from Resonance Liberation makes this weapon an excellent choice for Resonators who rely heavily on their Ultimate attacks for maximum damage. This is particularly beneficial for characters like Yinlin, whose Burst DMG potential is substantial. Yinlin greatly benefits from CRIT and ATK% enhancements due to her DPS role.

However, this also applies to Encore, who depends heavily on Resonance Liberation for dealing damage. Many characters utilize Rectifiers, and nearly all of them can benefit from the effectiveness of Augment, making it a versatile and excellent choice overall.

3. Stonard

Stonard Wuthering Waves

Stonard stands out as one of the best Pioneer Podcase weapons in Wuthering Waves' Battle Pass. This 4-star Gauntlet weapon focuses heavily on CRIT, making it an excellent option for any DPS character. When a Resonator triggers their Resonance Skill, Stonard enhances their Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus by a specific percentage, lasting for a total of 15 seconds.

While Stonard marks the beginning of strong Pioneer Podcast Battle Pass weapons, one drawback is the limited number of characters currently using gauntlets in the roster. However, the characters who use gauntlets are quite effective, ensuring Stonard remains valuable.

Notably, 5-star DPS Lingyang benefits greatly from Resonance Liberation, making Stonard's damage boost particularly significant for him. Jianxin is also a viable option if players opt to build her as a DPS, though her effectiveness falls slightly short compared to Lingyang.

4. Lumingloss

Lumingloss Wuthering Waves

Lumingloss is an excellent choice for the early stages of Wuthering Waves. This 4-star Sword significantly boosts ATK each time a Resonator uses their Resonance Skill, enhancing both Basic and Heavy ATK. It also features an ATK% substat increase. However, as the game progresses, the drawbacks of Lumingloss start to outweigh its benefits. For example, while many characters obtained for free early in the game are sword users, superior options become available later on.

While Lumingloss surpasses any 3-star weapon choice, it isn't optimal for DPS characters due to their preference for a CRIT-focused build over an ATK boost. Furthermore, upon reaching Level 45, players receive a free 5-star weapon that offers superior alternatives, overshadowing Lumingloss. Hence, while Lumingloss can adequately support players in the early game, it may not be the most prudent choice for long-term gameplay.

5. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Wuthering Waves

Currently the least favorable among the best Pioneer Podcast weapons in the Wuthering Waves Battle Pass, Thunderbolt is a 4-star Pistol that enhances Resonance Skill DMG Bonus every time a target is struck by Basic or Heavy Attacks. This enhancement can stack up to three times and remains active for ten seconds.

While Thunderbolt offers promising benefits, its main disadvantage is the lack of suitable characters in the current game roster who can fully capitalize on its advantages. Mortefi is a reasonable candidate for Thunderbolt, but his playstyle, which involves frequent switching with other team members, limits the long-term benefits from its buffs. Consequently, Thunderbolt is not an optimal choice at the moment, although this assessment could change with the introduction of more Resonators in the future.

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