Although new to the gacha gaming world, Wuthering Waves has quickly gained popularity, nearly rivaling Genshin Impact in monthly revenues. This article introduces our Wuthering Waves characters tier list to help new players get acquainted with the game more easily. Before we proceed, it's important to note that 5-star characters are ranked without considering Resonance Sequences, while 4-star characters are ranked including Sequences.

Wuthering Waves Tier List Ranking System

Before delving into the Wuthering Waves characters tier list, it's crucial to grasp the criteria used for each ranking.

Ranking Description
SSS No matter how you put it—broken, overpowered, or unbalanced—any account suffers without this character.
S Getting this character alone is a significant upgrade to your account and can help you dominate the game's toughest challenges, regardless of your account's starting point. S-Tier characters are the best of the best.
A This character excels in any role they fulfill. They are either among the best at what they do or the sole character that fills a highly valued role.
B For various reasons, this character is often considered suboptimal for their intended role. They are good, but not outstanding. Nevertheless, they remain solid competitive choices for fans of the character.
C The character is considered average. Their utility is often quite specific and falls short in many situations. Their kit's effectiveness doesn't warrant excessive enthusiasm, but there are valid competitive uses to consider.
D There is a significant flaw in the kit design that makes it challenging for this character to excel in endgame content. They require disproportionately heavy investment and/or skill compared to other characters to achieve similar results.

Wuthering Waves Characters Tier List

Characters are rated solely vertically; their horizontal placement on the tier list is not taken into account. Fortunately, many launch characters are formidable, but their rankings may shift over time as new characters are introduced. So, keep updated with our latest news on Wuthering Waves here.

As a general guideline, support units typically offer the most enduring value over time. They are followed by hybrid units, which combine support with their own damage output, making them versatile. On-field DPS units tend to have the least longevity due to ongoing powercreep. The more a character supports, the broader range of teams they can effectively function in.

Now, let’s check out the rankings!

#1. Verina

Ranking: SSS

Wuthering Waves Verina

The absolute best healer and buffer in the game, period. She's straightforward to play and can be chosen with a 5-star selector at the start of the game. Her team-wide buffs last a long time, and she seamlessly fits into almost any team composition.

#2. Jiyan

Ranking: S

Wuthering Waves Jiyan

A powerhouse of crowd control through enemy grouping and potent AoE damage rolled into one. With impressive stats, he effortlessly dispatches large groups of enemies.

Over time, his effectiveness may diminish as more DPS characters are introduced into the game.

#3. Yinlin

Ranking: S

Wuthering Waves Yinlin

A versatile off-field AoE DPS and buffer who can also excel as an on-field DPS. Her unique role as an Electro + Resonance Liberation buffer is exceptional, providing a significant 20%+ damage boost to two different statuses simply by swapping her in.

Almost every Electro DPS that takes the field will benefit greatly from having her as a teammate.

#4. Sanhua

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Sanhua

An exceptional support who can also serve as a viable on-field DPS. She efficiently cycles through her kit and quickly buffs Basic Attacks for her teammates.

Though mastering her altered Heavy Attack may take practice, it's satisfying to execute, and her specialization in Basic Attack buffing ensures she remains valuable for most players in the long run.

Her ability to fulfill multiple roles effectively and the minimal time she needs on the field further elevate her standing on this Wuthering Waves characters tier list.

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#5. Calcharo

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Calcharo

A powerful on-field DPS who is complemented by an exceptional off-field DPS and support in Yinlin. Currently, he is a key component of one of the strongest teams in version 1.0 (Yinlin, Calcharo, Verina).

On-field DPS characters, yet, are prone to being overshadowed by powercreep over time and typically lack the utility that characters like Jiyan offer (in Jiyan's case, enemy grouping).

Playing him optimally can be challenging, as achieving three death messengers in a single rotation is difficult, particularly with the high mobility of enemies in this game.

#6. Mortefi

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Mortefi

Many of the characteristics that apply to Sanhua also stay true for Mortefi.

He can swiftly cycle through his kit and consistently use his Outro, providing a reliable source of damage with his off-field synchronized attacks. He also specializes in buffing Heavy Attacks, which is particularly valuable when paired with powerful characters like Jiyan.

#7. Baizhi

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Baizhi

She is likely to drop in rankings as more healers are introduced to the roster over time. However, she is available as a guaranteed first pull for every account and remains one of the few accessible healers.

Her ATK buff also provides valuable support to teammates.

#8. Jianxin

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Jianxin

Although she can function as a weaker DPS, her strengths lie in shielding, enemy grouping, and Liberation Deepen (on her Outro), making her a reliable support for various team compositions.

She requires minimal investment to be effective, which is always advantageous. Her ability to group enemies is exceptionally valuable at this stage in the game, and the difference between her grouping capability and Yangyang's is significant.

#9. Rover (Havoc)

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Rover Havoc

Arguably the most powerful main character kit in any gacha game, considering that main characters are often intentionally weaker to encourage acquiring more characters.

Even if this version of the main character gets surpassed by newer releases, Rover remains an excellent long-term investment due to being free on every account, as well as being easy to level up and ascend.

Dreamless, their specialized echo, enhances their effectiveness as one of the top offensive forces in version 1.0.

#10. Encore

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Encore

A powerhouse on-field DPS who dominates battles with sheer force. Her lengthy animations can be nullified by swap-canceling, eliminating one of her primary weaknesses.

#11. Danjin

Ranking: A

Wuthering Waves Danjin

In the hands of a skilled player, she qualifies for the S tier. The main reason Danjin is ranked A is the steep learning curve required to maximize her damage output while also ensuring her survival.

With her Sequences, she can not only match but also outperform 5-star units. Even if her power diminishes over time, she can still provide Havoc Deepen to enhance a stronger Havoc DPS. She also plays a crucial role in teams featuring double Dreamless alongside Havoc Rover.

#12. Yangyang

Ranking: B

Wuthering Waves Yangyang

A free character from the start and the poster child of Wuthering Waves' launch. She supports her team with decent damage, enemy grouping, and energy generation for her next teammate through her Outro, a feature currently unique to her.

#13. Lingyang

Ranking: B

Wuthering Waves Lingyang

A somewhat awkward 5-star DPS due to his lack of poise damage or stagger capability and a somewhat convoluted playstyle, making him susceptible to interruptions.

He requires specialized Supports such as enemy grouping and Glacio damage buffs to maximize his efficiency. However, assembling both along with a healer can be challenging, making him more demanding compared to other 5-star characters.

#14. Aalto

Ranking: C

Wuthering Waves Aalto

Our primary Aero buffer, emphasized by his Outro. While his Skill includes some taunt effects, optimizing his damage and navigating his kit proves challenging due to the positioning needed. He sets up a screen that buffs shots fired through it, but bosses' frequent movement often necessitates chasing them around the arena.

He also isn't the optimal buffer for our current Aero DPS, Jiyan, as he is surpassed by another 4-star, Mortefi. Once another Aero support with a comparable buff is released, Aalto will likely be replaced in teams.

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#15. Chixia

Ranking: C

Wuthering Waves Chixia

This free character possesses a potent Resonance Liberation with high multipliers. However, the excessively high energy requirements make it challenging to consistently utilize, thereby significantly reducing overall DPS.

Chixia has the potential to improve significantly as more solutions for managing her energy requirements are introduced through new teammates. However, at present, she demands too much investment to compete with other DPS characters effectively.

#16. Rover (Spectro)

Ranking: C

Wuthering Waves Rover Spectro

It's challenging to justify using Spectro Rover when Havoc Rover is available. Spectro Rover does provide some utility and even minor healing. Sequences are free and can suffice as support for skilled players who require minimal assistance to achieve their objectives.

#17. Yuanwu

Ranking: D

Wuthering Waves Yuanwu

A unit that scales with DEF and focuses on coordinated attacks, but lacks utility beyond that. Further, the damage output is not particularly impressive.

In some games like Genshin Impact, consistent low damage from external sources is valuable for triggering elemental reactions, but Wuthering Waves lacks this mechanic. Therefore, off-field damage needs to either be potent or provide utility, and Yuanwu doesn't excel in either aspect.

He's adept at breaking enemy shields quickly, but currently lacks enough utility or damage boost to justify heavy investment unless you're particularly fond of the character. Moreover, breaking boss shields only temporarily immobilizes them without boosting damage, and his strategy demands extended field presence to execute effectively.

#18. Taoqi

Ranking: D

Wuthering Waves Taoqi

Taoqi is the last character in our Wuthering Waves characters tier list. He comes with a buff (Skill Deepen) that isn't utilized by any current characters, coupled with a long field time (which is disadvantageous for a Support). Furthermore, her buff only benefits the subsequent character in line.

Typically, characters who provide healing or defensive utility offer buffs that affect the entire party. This progression ensures that buffs are consolidated onto the main DPS as players transition from dedicated support to hybrid DPS and finally to on-field DPS roles.

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