Boosting the Data Bank level in Wuthering Waves stands as a pivotal task for players aiming to empower their characters. This is because as the Data Bank level rises, so does the rarity of the echoes dropped by enemies. Higher rarity echoes yield superior equipment compared to their lower rarity counterparts, prompting players to swiftly reach Data Bank level 15 to unlock 5-star echoes and start crafting their characters with top-tier gear.

In addition to that, advancing the Data Bank level also boosts various player attributes such as base Stamina, the Cost Limit for equipping echoes, the Base Drop Rate, Calamity Class echoes, and the Enhanced Drop Rate for Overlord.

How to Farm Data Bank EXP in Wuthering Waves

How To Farm Data Bank Exp In Wuthering Waves

The primary method for increasing the Data Bank level is by seeking out unique echoes in Wuthering Waves. However, there are a total of three ways to earn Data Bank EXP:

  1. Getting a new Echo.
  2. Getting a different rarity of an Echo that you have previously unlocked.
  3. Accomplishing Guidebook Milestones stages.

Echoes of high rarity (4-star/5-star) are inaccessible until you reach certain Data Bank Levels. Starting at Data Bank Level 0, you can only obtain 2-star echoes. You must farm these echoes until your Data Bank level rises sufficiently to unlock 3-star echoes (at level 5).

After unlocking 3-star echoes at level 5, you should concentrate on acquiring enough EXP to unlock 4-star echoes (at level 8). Subsequently, you should continue farming 4-star echoes until reaching level 15 to unlock 5-star echoes. Although this progression might appear challenging initially, reaching Data Bank level 12 demands minimal effort. It's only the remaining ranks that necessitate some grinding.

Please note that several Overlord and Calamity bosses are inaccessible until certain quests are completed.

How to Farm Data Bank EXP in Wuthering Waves by Hunting Echoes

How To Farm Data Bank Exp In Wuthering Waves 2

In Wuthering Waves, tracking down specific Tacet Discords to locate any missing Echoes from their collection is made incredibly simple for players. Here's how to do it:

  1. From the Pause Screen, launch the Guidebook.
  2. Tap the Echo Hunting tab (at the left corner).
  3. Choose any Echo you want to hunt and tap “Detect.”

You can still tap on the “Detect” function to track down targets, even if an Echo is technically undiscovered and displayed as H11-??? in the Guidebook instead of its actual name.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Humanoid enemies like Fractsidus Executioner and the Exiles are not Tacet Discords, so they do not drop echoes.

When you get a Spearback Echo of 2-star rarity, you will earn additional Data Bank EXP for acquiring a Spearback Echo of 3-star rarity, but not for getting another 2-star Spearback Echo. This reward is a one-time occurrence, meaning that only the initial acquisition of a new echo or echo rarity grants Data Bank EXP. Subsequently finding multiple copies of a 3-star Rarity Echo will not provide any additional EXP benefits.

If you earn a 4-star Echo of a Tacet Discord you have not found before, you will not only earn Data Bank EXP for acquiring the 4-star Echo but also gain EXP for getting both 3-star and 2-star Echoes for that Tacet Discord.

How to Farm Data Bank EXP in Wuthering Waves Using Guidebook Milestones

How To Farm Data Bank Exp In Wuthering Waves 3

Each Guidebook Milestones Stage gives players a certain amount of EXP to increase their Data Bank level, and the higher their Guidebook Rank goes, the higher the EXP obtained. Completing Guidebook Milestones is fairly straightforward.

Every Guidebook Milestones Stage rewards players with a specific amount of EXP, contributing to the increase of their Data Bank level. As you advance in Guidebook Rank, the EXP earned also increases accordingly. Completing Guidebook Milestones is a relatively straightforward process.

  1. Launch the Guidebook.
  2. Choose Milestones.
  3. Accomplish the tasks marked with “Go.”
  4. Tap “Claim.”
  5. After claiming all task rewards in a Milestone Stage, tap the “Claim” button on the right-hand menu below the reward list to progress to the next level and get Data Bank EXP.

Remember that progressing to Guidebook Milestones Stage 4 is crucial for reaching Data Bank level 15 and unlocking 5-star echoes. Without attaining this stage, there won't be a sufficient number of 4-star echoes in the game to reach level 15.

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