Sanhua proves to be a fantastic complement to any DPS reliant on Basic ATK in Wuthering Waves, courtesy of her Outro Skill, which bestows a remarkable 38% increase in Basic ATK DMG Deepen. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for characters such as the Havoc Rover in the game.

Sanhua Wuthering Waves
Sanhua proves to be a fantastic complement to any DPS reliant on Basic ATK in Wuthering Waves.

Besides her Outro Skill, Sanhua lacks any Supportive Skills at S0. This implies that her damage output must sustain the few seconds she spends on the team to accumulate Concerto Energy. Hence, understanding how to build Sanhua in Wuthering Waves is crucial to ensure players do not waste valuable time.

Best Build For Sanhua In Wuthering Waves

Sanhua's Weapons Sanhua's Echo Set Echoes Stats
  1. Emerald of Genesis
  2. Commando of Conviction
  3. Lunar Cutter
  4. Lumingloss
  5. Sword#18
  6. Sword of Night
Main Echo

  • Impermanence Heron
  • Lampylumen Myriad

Echo Sets

  • 5pc Freezing Frost
  • 5pc Moonlit Clouds
  • 5pc Lingering Tunes
  • Cost 4: Crit DMG or Crit Rate
  • Cost 3: Glacio DMG
  • Cost 1: ATK
  • Sub: Energy Regen, Crit DMG, Crit Rate, or ATK

Best Echoes For Sanhua In Wuthering Waves

For Sanhua, a Glacio DPS character in Wuthering Waves, it's optimal to equip her with a 5-piece set of Freezing Frost to maximize her Glacio DMG. If Sanhua is functioning as the main DPS, selecting Lampylumen Myriad as her primary Echo is advisable, as it delivers substantial damage while inflicting slight freezes on enemies. However, if she operates as a Sub-DPS, prioritizing the casting of her Resonance Liberation becomes imperative, making Energy a vital aspect of her build. To enhance her Energy generation, focusing on Impermanence Heron is recommended, which also provides Sanhua with a modest supportive buff for her team.

Sanhua Echo Guide
It's optimal to equip Sanhua with a 5-piece set of Freezing Frost to maximize her Glacio DMG.

If obtaining enough Echoes to complete the Freezing Frost set proves challenging, opting for a 5-piece set of Moonlit Clouds can be beneficial. This set offers substantial Energy Regeneration for Sub-DPS Sanhua, along with a noteworthy ATK% buff for the main DPS of her team. Conversely, if Sanhua serves as the main DPS, the 5-piece Lingering Tunes set emerges as the top secondary option, providing a significant ATK% boost.

Best Weapons For Sanhua In Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, the Emerald of Genesis stands out as the perfect weapon for Sanhua. This 5-star Sword enhances her Crit Rate, facilitating improved Crit management, while its passive effect, boasting a splendid combination of Energy Recharge and ATK% buffs, synergizes seamlessly with her kit.

Similar to most DPS units relying on ATK% in Wuthering Waves, Sanhua benefits greatly from 4-star weapons such as Commando of Conviction, Lunar Cutter, and Lumingloss. These options offer comparable damage output, making any of them a suitable choice as her second-best option if available.

Sanhua Emerald Of Genesis
The Emerald of Genesis stands out as the perfect weapon for Sanhua.

For F2P players, crafting the 4-star Sword #18 or upgrading the 3-star Sword of Night to Rank 5 are viable options. These weapons perform adequately until Sanhua obtains better gear.

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How To Play Sanhua In Wuthering Waves

Mastering the gameplay of Sanhua in Wuthering Waves requires some learning curve, but once her combo is familiar, she becomes straightforward to use. Sanhua can unleash her entire kit within moments of entering the battlefield, allowing her to swiftly accumulate Concerto and Resonance Energy, making her a valuable addition to any team.

Sanhua's gameplay can be divided into two key parts:

  1. Set up her Ice.
  2. Detonate her Ice with her Heavy Attack.

For the first part, initiate her Intro Skill, causing Sanhua to create Ice Thorn, and then follow it up with her Resonance Liberation to generate Glacier. Subsequently, activate her Ultimate and swiftly use her Skill to create Ice Prism.

With three types of Ice surrounding Sanhua, there's a brief opportunity to detonate them using her Heavy Attack. Monitor her Forte Gauge as you charge her Heavy Attack, releasing the button when the cursor aligns with the blue area.

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Sanhua Forte Priority In Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, Sanhua's Talents exhibit significant scaling, with her Resonance Liberation standing out as her premier Talent, followed closely by her Skill and Forte Circuit. However, if she operates as a Sub-DPS, her Basic Attack and Intro Skill can be somewhat neglected in comparison.

Sanhua Skills Priority Wuthering Waves
Sanhua's Forte Priority

Sanhua Wuthering Waves Best Team Members

What's advantageous about constructing Sanhua's build is the array of both F2P and five-star options available for enhancing team synergy. Here are the primary ones:

Sanhua Wuthering Waves Best Team
Sanhua's Best Team Members
Verina This is a versatile character that complements any team due to her healing abilities and all-type damage boost.
Baizhi In the absence of Verina, Baizhi can offer similar buffs, albeit in slightly reduced quantities, given her four-star status.
Taoqi Taoqi provides Sanhua with damage reduction while simultaneously boosting her Resonance Skill damage through the Outro Skill.
Yangyang This unit can significantly accelerate Sanhua's Resonance Liberation, particularly when paired with weapons like the Emerald of Genesis or Sword of Voyager.
Jianxin Jianxin can be positioned in the third slot alongside Sanhua and Yangyang, as she enhances Sanhua's Liberation damage.

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