Wuthering Waves is a new Genshin Impact-like RPG title in 2024. Characters, events, and rewards of patch 1.0 are here! Check out which banners you should invest in and all events to join below.

Wuthering Waves Rovers
Upcoming Wuthering Waves Characters

I. Wuthering Waves 1.0 Characters

Wuthering Waves 1.0 limited banners feature two 5-star characters - Jiyan and Yinlin. Besides, they are accompanied by other 4-star characters with higher rates, including:

  • Chixia, Danjin, and Mortefi in Jiyan's banner; and
  • Aalto, Taoqi, and Yuanwu in Yinlin's banner.

Jiyan's banner will be released in the first phase and Yinlin's banner will go live in the second phase. Like Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves also features a character banner for permanent characters, including Calcharo, Encore, Verina, Lingyang, and Jianxin. If you wish to obtain these characters, let's pull them within the active period of Patch 1.0.

Wuthering Wave Patch 1
Wuthering Waves 1.0 Characters

II. Wuthering Waves 1.0 Weapons

In the first phase of Patch 1.0, the game introduces the 5-star Verdant Summit Broadblade, Jiyan's signature weapon, and three other 4-star weapons, including:

  • Broad blade: Dauntless Evernight;
  • Gauntlets: Hollow Mirage;
  • Rectifier: Variation.

Yinlin's 5-star Rectifier Stringmaster will be featured in the second phase of Patch 1.0. In addition, there are three other 4-star weapons in the second weapon's banner, such as:

  • Pistols: Cadenza;
  • Sword: Lunar Cutter;
  • Rectifier: Jinzhou Keeper.
Wutheringwaves Character Yangyan
Pick the right weapon for your characters.

Moreover, Wuthering Waves also has a permanent weapon banner with five items of a gear set. Players can roll permanent weapon banners to get the Winter Brume weapon set including five weapons:

  • Gauntlets: Abyss Surges;
  • Sword: Emerald of Genesis;
  • Broad blade: Lustrous Razor;
  • Pistols: Static Mist;
  • Rectifier: Cosmic Ripples.

You are guaranteed to obtain a 5-star character or weapon within 80 pulls according to the pity rule of the game. It's pretty similar to the pity system of Genshin Impact.

Wuthering Waves 1 0 Weapons
Wuthering Waves Weapons

III. Wuthering Waves Events & Rewards

Wuthering Waves Patch 1.0 introduces six events with interesting content and many attractive rewards. Check out new events in this game like Genshin Impact here.

  • Awakening Journey

This ongoing event rewards participants with precious rewards by boosting your Union level. You can get 40 Lustrous Tides, a 5-star weapon of the Winter Brume set, 1600 Astrites, and six Crystal Solvents.

Awakening Journey
Awakening Journey
  • Rumbling Hollows

You shouldn't miss the Rumbling Hollows event to obtain a free 4-star character, Yuanwu. Participants can also get five Premium Resonance Potions and 60000 Shell Credits after taking on the Tower of Adversity’s Stable and Experiment zones.

  • Depths of Illusive Realm

The special event "The Depths of Illusive Realm" is the first battle event in this game. Participants will join different combat challenges in the corresponding dungeons. Complete combat missions to claim exclusive rewards like illusive echoes and metaphors.

Depths Of Illusive Realm
Depths Of Illusive Realm
  • Alloy Smelt

Alloy Smelt is another special event in Patch 1.0 featuring accelerating battles. Use Resonator’s rapidly advancing abilities to combat and win premium rewards, such as Tuner, Sealed Tube, Resonance Potion, and Astrites.

  • Overdash Club

The special event Overdash Club, on the other hand, features exciting parkour challenges. Let's use the Glider and Grappling Hook to move between platforms and complete attractive rewards, including the Advanced Sealed Tube and Resonance Potion with other random rewards.

Overdash Club
Overdash Club
  • Gifts of Thawing Frost

This is a login event for easy rewards. You can obtain Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, and a 4-star Resonator named Sanhua.

Those are all banners, events, and rewards in Wuthering Waves 1.0. Stay tuned for further updates and news about this new game.

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