Wuthering Waves offers enjoyable gameplay with battles, new mechanics, and exploration. Hidden within its quests across different areas is lore waiting to be discovered. As players explore Solaris-3, they may stumble upon secret books, papers, or rooms. These discoveries could lead to treasures or longer quests, adding depth to the adventure.

In the Unknown Masters Journal Quest, players must find three maps revealing treasure locations. While the maps are easy to find, locating the treasure can be challenging. Each map provides a distant drawing of the potential treasure location. This guide aims to assist you in how to find treasure locations in Wuthering Waves and claiming all available rewards.

The Hidden Photographs

In the Dim Forest region in Wuthering Waves, teleport to the Huanglong-Dim Forest-Thorny Passage Resonance Beacon located southeast of Thorny Passage (closer to Wenye Beach). Upon arrival, turn around to find a small campfire behind you, surrounded by boxes and chairs. Interact with the piece of paper resting on the box, then collect the three photographs beside it. You can always review the photographs in your backpack if needed.

Hidden Photographs Wuthering Waves

A Brand-New Photograph Treasure

Teleport to the Huanglong-Dim Forest-Thorny Passage Resonance Beacon located north of Violet Banyan and proceed straight ahead. As the beacon is situated on a cliff, you'll only need to descend a few meters to discover a glowing yellow spot, marking the first treasure location. Interact with it and dig up the chest to acquire a Standard Supply Chest and 10 Astrides.

Photograph Treasure Wuthering Waves

A Photograph Covered With Scratches Treasure 

Transport to the Huanglong-Wuming Bay Resonance Beacon close to the Corroded Ruins and ascend the hill from your current location. Upon reaching the summit, you'll notice a faint yellow glow on the ground. Engage with it to obtain a Standard Supply Chest containing 10 Astrides.

Photograph With Scratches Treasure

A Photograph Stained With Blood Treasure

The final chest can be located in Whining Aix’s Mire near the Huanglong-Whining Aix’s Mire Resonance Beacon, found south of Waving Battlefield. When you arrive, simply turn around and head up the mountain behind you.

Photograph Stained With Blood Treasure

To reach the final destination, run uphill, passing the Guide Crystal building directly ahead, and continue toward the cliff's edge. Pay no heed to any encountered enemies; press onward. Eventually, you'll arrive at the hub containing the Guide Crystals. Simply proceed behind it to unearth the last chest. Here, players can claim an Advanced Supply Chest along with 20 Astrides.

So, that's how to find treasure locations in Wuthering Waves. Should you wish to contribute further insights or queries, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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