Aalto, a 4-star Aero Pistol unit in Wuthering Waves, serves dual roles as a sub-DPS and supporter. Though his personal damage output may not match that of other units, his utility in various situations is undeniable.

Aalto Wuthering Waves
Aalto serves dual roles as a sub-DPS and supporter in Wuthering Waves.

Though Aalto may not rank among lists of the top-tier characters in Wuthering Waves, he brings an enjoyable playstyle that combines damage dealing with boosting the DPS of stronger units. In this article, Gurugamer.com will introduce some best Aalto team comps in Wuthering Waves. Let’s delve into.

Aalto Team Comps #1: Aalto + Jiyan + Verina

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps 2

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps 3

Aalto's Outro Skill boosts the Aero damage for his teammates, making their attacks hit harder. Jiyan is super strong at dealing Aero damage in Wuthering Waves, and teaming him up with Aalto and Verina will further bolster his prowess. This is one of the best Aalto team comps in Wuthering Waves as an Aero unit plays the role of the main DPS.

Let’s start with Verina. Charge up her Concerto Gauge until she can use her Outro Skill, then switch to Aalto. Charge up Aalto's Concerto, and switch to Jiyan afterwards. By now, Jiyan should have a huge boost in damage thanks to the multipliers given by his two support teammates.

The major drawback of this team composition is that you can't use Aalto's Gate of Quandry since none of the team members, except for Aalto, shoot projectiles.

Aalto Team Comps #2: Aalto + Chixia + Jianxin

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps 4

Wuthering Waves Aalto Team Comps 6

The second Aalto team comps addresses the main issue of the previous one by swapping Jiyan with Chixia. Position Chixia behind Aalto's Gate of Quandry, and her ranged attacks will receive a nice damage increase. Additionally, Aalto's clones can divert enemy attention away, stopping them from interrupting Chixia's Resonance Skill while she channels it.

Jianxin serves as a backup damage dealer and assists in crowd control. He can benefit from Aalto's Outro Skill. When choosing this team, it's highly recommended to equip Jianxin with damage-focused Echoes and weapons. While this setup means the team won't have a powerful healer, the strategy relies on safe distance attacks, utilizing Jianxin's parry ability, and leveraging Aalto's decoys.

To tell the truth, this team isn't the best choice for tackling the Tower of Adversity. However, it can still manage to clear floors and handle higher-level Tactical Hologram bosses, especially if Chixia is well-equipped. Yet, compared to other best Aalto team comps in Wuthering Waves with stronger character synergies, it might not perform as well. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable team to experiment with while exploring the map.

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