The competition between Genshin Impact and Wuthering Waves started when the latter was launched. Many thought it was just copying the former. However, things got serious when Wuthering Waves became a top download in over 100 countries at launch and one of the most-watched titles on Twitch. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact struggled to keep its fans.

Wuthering Waves vs. Genshin Impact: Revenues

Due to Wuthering Waves' distinct differences from Genshin Impact, direct gameplay comparisons are challenging. Nevertheless, considering both games use a gacha-based microtransaction system, a financial comparison is more straightforward. The economic competition between them has become intriguing, especially as many speculate that disgruntled Genshin Impact players are moving to Wuthering Waves. This assertion is bolstered by Wuthering Waves' impressive monthly revenues.

Wuthering Waves Vs Genshin Impact

Based on Statista’s latest data, Wuthering Waves made close to $40 million in revenue during the first two months of its worldwide release. This accomplishment is noteworthy, given that Genshin Impact made approximately $41 million in March, narrowing the revenue gap between these two competitors.

Because of the rapid expansion of Wuthering Waves, Kuro Games' reaction to Genshin Impact is on track to exceed it in monthly revenue and could potentially emerge as the top gacha RPG in the market. Yet, the largest potential for expansion for Wuthering Waves has not been made use of, as the game is only accessible on Android, iOS, and PC, with its availability on consoles still pending.

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Wuthering Waves vs. Genshin Impact: The Future

The rivalry between Genshin Impact and Wuthering Waves has ignited heated online discussions, but it has one clear potential outcome: an increase in AA and AAA Chinese games. Since both Kuro Games and miHoYo/HoYoverse are Chinese developers, their success is likely to stimulate interest in video game development in China, attracting more investors to gacha and microtransaction-driven games.

To underscore the importance of the gacha feature in their success, Wuthering Waves gained $3.82 million on the day it launched the highly anticipated Yinlin and Resonator. This marked a 174.8% increase in daily revenue compared to the $1.39 million generated in the previous day, highlighting its potential as a lucrative revenue stream.

In the future, anticipated characters like Jinhsi and Changli are poised to significantly boost revenue upon their debut in the game. With promising figures like these, expectations for Wuthering Waves in 2024 are optimistic. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact is expected to mount a robust response to its main competitor before everything goes too far.

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