Genshin Impact 5.0 is taking the spotlight with leaks and rumors about the new Pyro nation Natlan. However, Patch 4.8 is also highly anticipated because of the following changes. These modifications are expected to improve your gaming experience in Genshin Impact 4.8.

Genshin Impact 4 8
Genshin Impact 4.8 to have big changes.

#1. Nerf Some Material Domains

Most Liyue and Monstadt domains for materials, artifacts, and talent books introduced in Patches 1.0 and 2.0 will get strong nerfs. Only the Midsummer Courtyard Domain that drops the Thundering Fury and Thundersoother artifact sets will not be nerfed.

According to the latest leaks, you may experience the following changes to the rest farming domains in the new update:

Domains Location Modifications
Peak of Vindagnyr Dragonspine
  • Nerf enemy line-ups.
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Liyue
  • Give your team a 75% Cryo DMG bonus;
  • Nerf enemy line-ups;
  • Remove punishment for the Overload reaction.
Domain of Guyun Guyun Stone Forest - Liyue
  • Remove punishment for the Melt reaction;
  • Add shockwave for higher damage when the player triggers a Superconduct reaction;
  • Nerf enemy line-ups.
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Liyue
  • Give your team a 75% Geo DMG bonus;
  • Nerf enemy line-ups.
Forsaken Rift Mondstadt
  • Eliminate the Condensed Ice effect;
  • Nerf enemy line-ups;
  • Give your team a 75% Pyro DMG bonus.
Cecilia Garden Monstadt
  • Eliminate the Slowing Water effect;
  • Nerf enemy line-ups;
  • Give your team a 75% Electro DMG bonus.
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Liyue
  • Remove the Engulfing Storm effect;
  • Give your team a 75% Hydro DMG bonus.

This change will allow beginners to farm essential materials for characters and weapons faster to quickly keep pace with the current progress of the game. It means that Genshin Impact may bring you back to Mondstadt and Liyue with some new characters and weapons.

Genshin Impact Nerfed Domain
Genshin Impact Liyue and Mondstard Domains will be nerfed.

#2. Remove Bosses' Respawn Interval

The long Respawn interval of World Bosses annoys many Travelers. They complained about this problem and got bored with waiting for those bosses to re-spawn after three minutes. It's a waste of time for lots of Travelers, especially when they are in a hurry to farm materials for new characters.

After obtaining a new character, Genshin Impact players must defeat a World Boss 16 to 23 times for ascension materials. From Patch 4.8, you will no longer have to wait for these bosses to re-spawn. Teleport somewhere after having defeated the World Boss and claimed its drops, then teleport back to its cavern to continue challenging.

Boss Respawn Interval
Boss Respawn Interval will be removed.

Bonus: Emilie Is Buffed!

Many players are disappointed with Emilie's talent which reduces her damage to the targets affected by the Quicken reaction by 90%. Therefore, this feature is removed from the server test. This change makes Emilie stronger in the team with at least one Electro character.

But Genshin Impact Emilie needs the Burning reaction to maximize the output damage. Therefore, you need a Pyro character to trigger this reaction for her.

Emilie Analysis
Emilie is buffed in the current server test.

These are three highly-anticipated changes in Genshin Impact 4.8. These gameplay modifications will improve your in-game experience in the next patches. But we still have to wait for the game publisher's confirmation. Stay tuned for the latest Genhin Impact news.

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