Clorinde is one of the newest Electro characters in Genshin Impact. The Champion Duelist is 5-star and is usually trusted as a DPS. However, to make her one of the best units, we need to build the best Clorinde team comp, besides farming her materials and upgrading her weapon. Here are some suggestions for the best Clorinde teams!

Clorinde Aggravate team comp

  • Main DPS: Clorinde
  • Sub DPS: Fischl
  • Sub DPS: Nahida
  • Support: Kazuha
Clorinde team comp that focuses on Aggravate.

Clorinde’s damage comes mainly from Electro attacks, making her ideal for teams using Electro reactions. Aggravate teams work well with Clorinde being the DPS.

Having two Electro characters on the team can activate Elemental Resonance. Besides, Kazuha is a great addition because his Anemo skills create the Swirl reaction. Mixing these reactions will bring about even more damage.

Do note that Clorinde’s C1 ability enhances her normal attacks with extra Electro damage under the Night Vigil effect. Her C6 ability boosts her Crit Damage by 70%.

And with her C2, she deals even more damage when any team member triggers an Electro reaction.

Clorinde Electro-Charged Team

  • Main DPS: Clorinde
  • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun/Xingqiu/Yelan
  • Sub DPS: Furina
  • Support: Kazuha
Clorinde Raiden Furina Kazuha
Electro-Charged team for Clorinde.

Once you ascend Clorinde, you unlock Dark Shattering Flame. This boosts her Electro damage by 20% of her attack when triggering Electro reactions, up to 1,800.

You might replace Raiden Shogun with Xingqiu or Yelan. But Furina's Hydro application is strong enough alone and Raiden can add extra elemental damage.

However, Furina’s HP drain makes this team better for quick fights and bosses. In longer battles, Furina will need to switch to healing.

Clorinde Hyperbloom Team

  • Main DPS: Clorinde
  • Sub DPS: Furina
  • Sub DPS: Nahida
  • Healer: Baizhu
Clorinde Nahida Furina Baizhu
Using Electro, Dendro, and Hydro to create Hyperbloom reactions.

Hyperbloom is a great team comp to deal damage, with three different elements and a bunch of Dendro Cores.

This  Clorinde team comp focuses on keeping the DPS on the field, while Furina and Nahida provide long-lasting Elemental Skills and bursts. Meanwhile, Baizhu steps in only when necessary.

With two Dendro characters, Elemental Mastery is increased. The Bloom reaction adds nearly 100 extra Elemental Mastery. If you build Furina with the Golden Troupe artifact set, she still gets a big skill damage boost when off-field.

If you have C2 Furina, she can quickly reach the cap for Let the People Rejoice, gaining up to 140% Max HP. The team also lowers enemy DEF with the Quickening effect. With over 800 Elemental Mastery, Nahida’s reactions deal significant damage.

Meanwhile, Baizhu supports by healing and shielding. His C2 boosts healing each time an enemy is hit, reducing his field time.

Since Furina’s skill constantly drains HP from everyone, Baizhu balances this out by maintaining the team’s health.

Clorinde Double Geo Carry Team

  • Main DPS: Clorinde
  • Sub DPS: Fischl
  • Sub DPS: Chiori
  • Support: Zhongli
Clorinde Fischl Chiori Zhongli
Use Geo in combination with Electro is quite unconventional, but very useful.

For a more unconventional team, focus on buffs and sustains to highlight Clorinde instead of elemental reactions. Zhongli provides safety with his strong shield, and his C2 grants a shield when you use his Elemental Skill.

To maximize Clorinde's Tamato doll skill damage, keep a Geo Construct from Zhongli active. Fischl is on the team to add extra Electro damage and generate Elemental Shards for shielding. Make sure Fischl has her C6 for maximum Electro damage.

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