PUBG Mobile solo mode is one of the two favorite game modes for ranking up in this game. These are the best tips to win in solo mode in PUBG Mobile.

Best Solo Tips And Tricks In PUBG Mobile

In solo mode, you have to fight and survive alone without support from teammates. Therefore, you need some tips and tricks to survive and win in this game mode.

Equip You First
Equip You First And Get Ready Before Combat.
  • Occupy and stay in an ambush in a high place near the white circle when the blue zone shrinks in. You can kill some weak enemies from outside the play zone. When they get damaged from the electric zone, you can take them down easily. Besides, it's easier to kill the enemies from a higher place.
Use Throwables
Use Throwables To Rush Or Camp.
  • Choose a versatile weapon combo that includes guns for all ranges of combat. You should choose an assault rifle to deal with both short and mid-range combat. Besides, you need an SR and a DMR to deal with long-range combat.
Use Versatile Weapons
Use Versatile Weapons.
  • Equip yourself before engaging in combat. You need at least an AR, an armor set, and a first-aid kit to combat when you encounter enemies early. If you prefer aggressive gameplay, drop nearby big cities and check out the surrounding area before focus on looting.
Use Vehicles
Use Vehicles To Move Faster Or Cover In Open Combat.
  • Loot enough throwables and need them in time. For example, use frag grenade, Molotov, and stun grenades when rushing campers. Besides, use the Molotov to block the door when you need to heal. Smoke grenades are necessary when you need to deal with enemies from different directions or loot airdrops.
Get Used To Some Locations
Get Used To Some Locations.
  • Take advantage of familiar locations. You should have some locations that you understand well. Then, you can camp or rush these locations.