PUBG Mobile Metro Royale mode has some glitches that you can explore and enjoy further funs. Check out the top 5 glitches in this game mode.

#1. Speed Up

There is a speed glitch that you can use to speed up in this game mode. To use this glitch, you need a light vest, 4 exoskeletons, and a super-heavy bulletproof vest. When you enter the match, drop the light vest and other supplies. Then, repeatedly spam between the super-heavy bulletproof vest and the light vest.

Increase Movement Speed
There is a speed glitch that you can use to speed up in Metro Royale mode.

The more you do it, the faster will move. Obviously, the movement speed will increase up to 100%. Next, you can pick up those supplies again and move as fast as you want. It's very useful for players to loot in the radiation zone. 

#2. Leave The Radiation Zone Safely

Players have to leave the radiation zone through the tunnel. It's definitely risky because the enemies can camp at the exit of the tunnel to kill you for supplies. But you can use another way to leave this zone safely and even kill some enemies.

Get To This Spot
Get To This Westen Pole In The Radiation Map

There is a mountain cliff in the west of the radiation zone. You can get close to the cliff, jump while sprinting to climb to the cliff. Then, run along the border of the radiation zone to the river and swim to the map. Next, climb to the tower and jump through the wall to get back to the playing zone.

Keep Jumping While Sprinting
Keep Jumping While Sprinting

#3. Night Vision

You need to guns with a night scope on the secondary gun. This glitch is used in the dark tunnel where you can not see anything clearly without the night scope. Get in a cart in the tunnel and choose the right seat you want.

Step One
Get in a cart and choose a nice seat to jump out quickly.

Next, you turn on the night scope and press the gear shift button and jump out of the cart. Then, you can use the night vision permanently without keeping the scope in. This trick also works with the thermal scope.

You Need A Night Scope To Use This Glitch
You Need A Night Scope To Use This Glitch

#4. Escape The Map

Those Metro Royale maps are often surrounded by walls or mountain cliffs. In the northern lake of the Power Station on the second map, there is a wall with a big gap that your character can go through.

Escape From Here
Escape From Here

First, you need to jump to the mall lower edge of the wall, stick to the wall and move to that gap. Then, you go worn through the gap and get out of the map. If you check out the minimap, you will see that you are outside the map.

Now You Escape
Now You Escaped

#5. Kill The Boss Easily

You will encounter the boss Colin Saroyan in Fort Rozhok that is pretty hard to shoot down without getting damage. However, you can do it easily with this glitch. You can climb to the third floor of the observation tower. After that, lie down and crawl to the edge of the 3rd floor.

Lie And Shoot From Here
Lie And Shoot From Here To Confuse The Boss

Then, you can shoot to kill the boss without being spotted. The boss won't see you and cannot shoot you. There are some other glitches but these five glitches are the most useful glitches you can use to enjoy more funs in this game mode.