Have you ever probably heard about Joycity? It is a Korean publisher that has gained the global fame for several titles designed for the English market in particular, including PC online games like Freestyle series, and mobile games such as Game of Dice.


Recently, the game publisher from South Korea held a press conference announcing three mobile games to be released in Korea this year. The most notable one is probably Bless Mobile. The mobile MMORPG was first created based on the Bless Online and developed by ThinkFun, a subsidiary of Joycity. Take a look at some remarkable information!

Bless Mobile hé lộ video tùy biến nhân vật: Đẹp lung linh không kém game bom tấn trên PC - Ảnh 6.
Bless Mobile: Stunning graphics and design

There are now two mobile games relied on the developing Bless Online platform, one in China and the other in South Korea. For the Korean version of Bless Mobile, the game unveiled its first images a short time ago, and today a new trailer has been posted that allows players to see and understand the character customization system.

Bless Mobile (KR) - Character customization preview

Bless Mobile MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4 has been delivering pretty stunning graphics. Compared to the online version on the PC using Unreal Engine 3, the mobile version is on a great improvement and upgrade by the support of the "monster" Unreal Engine 4. Therefore, like many other Korean online games, such fantastic graphics and the impressive design of Bless Mobile has nothing to discuss and claim. The race characters are created with eye-catching and bright images, revealing the adventurous and mighty warriors.

The developer only applies the settings of Bless Online in the introduction of a new world or when telling a new story on Bless Mobile. Plus, according to the Joycity team, Bless Mobile is going to be a completely different version of the original PC game. This really makes multiple Bless fans excited and look forward to the big difference in both fighting style and content.