If you're a fan of Garena Free Fire, you must have heard about the Free Fire dedicated BOOYAH! app. It's developed by none other than Garena itself to be a streaming and video-sharing platform. To promote the app, Garena often introduces different events on BOOYAH!, granting Free Fire players all sorts of rewards.

Steffie 2
Claim free rewards for watching just 30 minutes of clips.

In the new BOOYAH! App's Watch To Win event, there's a free weapon loot crate, incubator voucher, provoke emote, and more waiting for you! Let's take a look at all of the details you need to know!

BOOYAH! App's Watch To Win Event

The new Watch-to-win event kicked off on June 5th and will conclude later today, June 8th. Of course, in order to be eligible to join the event, players must have the BOOYAH! app on their mobile devices. All you have to do is to download the app and watch 30 minutes of the run time with any type of content.

Booyah App
Watch-to-win event details

Here are the rewards you can get from this event:

  • Loose Cannon Weapon Crate
  • Game Streamer Weapon Crate
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Provoke Emote

How to Join BOOYAH! App's Watch To Win Event? 

To join the event, survivors must bind the BOOYAH! app with their Free Fire accounts. The rewards you earn from watching the clips will be sent to the Free Fire account. Each Free Fire account can only bind to one BOOYAH! app account.

Fre Fire Rampage New Dawn Protogonists
Make sure you bind the right account to BOOYAH!

Follow our guide right here to download, install, and log in to the Booyah app:

  • Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store on your device and type in "Booyah!" in the search bar.
  • Step 2: Choose the app that has the Garena icon and click "Install". Open the app once it completes.
  • Step 3: Choose the "Booyah Clips" option and click on the "Enter the App" tab.
  • Step 4: Tap on the "Profile" option, then proceed to "Login Now". Sign in with the same social media account that you link your main Free Fire account to.
Booyah App Download
Booyah! is available on local app stores.

From there, spend at least 30 minutes watching any video on the Booyah app to complete the requirements. The rewards will be sent to your Free Fire account as soon as you finish.

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