Gun enthusiast Brandon Meek through his YouTube channel Texas Plinking uploaded a real-life video of guns used in PUBG Mobile. The video titled "PUBG Guns In Real Life!" has been viewed 40 million times on YouTube. Brandon Meek is from Austin, Texas and is a trained gun expert. In the video, he is seen using AWM, Scar (heavy, he couldn’t find a Scar-L), Shotgun, Revolver, M16, Mini 14, SK12, AKM, M24, MK14 EBR, M16A4, crossbow, among others.


In the video, he is seen firing at an iron cast pan similar to the pan available on PUBG Mobile. In the game, no bullet can penetrate through the pan, but in the real-life video, bullets are seen tearing the pan apart. However, the sound of bullets fired from guns in the game is nearly similar to the sound of original guns used in real life.

Brandon Meek received a lot of traction after he uploaded a video titled "Fortnite Guns In Real Life." The video hit 20 million views in a couple of days on YouTube but unfortunately, the video got deleted. Various YouTube channels used the video without taking Brandon Meek's permission. This led him to re-upload the video on his channel after a couple of months later.


While in the 13-minute PUBG video, Brandon Meek explained the use of each and every gun kept on the table and how the bullets penetrated through the iron cast pan. In the video, shotgun ammo fails to penetrate through the pan while a double-barrel shotgun strikes off the entire pan. He also shows the recoil control of all the weapons and it is impressive to see him use AWM. Many PUBG lovers have watched the video due to their love with the sniper.


Similarly, Brandon Meek also showed real-life guns used in Call of Duty Modern Warfare game. In this video, he uses gold Desert Eagle, one of the rarely found guns in the game. We are sure, his love for guns has made him famous and we all game lovers are surely enjoying the videos uploaded by him.